The TV, After a car accident last week, it did not look good for The Verhulst, but the 25-year-old “Love Island” to host tomorrow however,, dancing in the startaflevering of “Dancing with the Stars”. It is, however, very much alarmed, and there was also some re-education is needed.

There was a moment of doubt about their participation, they said earlier in the week, at FOUR years old. “We went to his car several times on the head, a whiplash may result,” according to an SBS spokesperson for the police in the Groin, Maesschalk. “That was when he is at the moment, but that could be in the future. The doctors gave him, therefore, it is recommended that for the first few days, careful not to do so, and efforts to avoid it.” That fear had to be unfounded.

How We made it there just afbrengt, and what he, along with his partner She – and the jury is trying to convince you, we can, of course, does not tell you. But he was great in any case present for the production of the first episode, which is going to be sent out.

Verhulst, rode last week on Friday, around 17 hours in a traffic jam in the University, which was established after the road construction industry. His land Rover went off a few times on the head, but it’s a FOUR-presenter, was fortunate to survive the accident. There was also no one else is hurt. Two of the cars were still scuffs on it. “It’s a miracle that I was unharmed from the accident, I came”, replied Verhulst, in retrospect. “I am very happy to find out that there is no-one else is hurt, it is. Now, I understand that it would be able to walk again.”