History 24/01/20 “the Union of republics of Europe and Asia”: why Lenin wanted to call the Soviet Union

what is it was that? Was. Lenin himself first proposed it on September 26, 1922.

Lenin’s Amendments to the draft Stalin

during the Civil war and the elimination of foreign intervention actually formed the Union of Soviet republics United under the leadership of the Bolshevik party. Naturally, the question arose about how to make it politically. In addition, the RSFSR, had formally independent Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijan Soviet socialist Republic, Khorezm and Bukhara people’s Soviet Republic. In addition, there was the far Eastern Republic. Thus within the Russian Federation was already formed Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic: Tatar, Bashkir, Kirghiz, Turkestan, Crimea, Yakut, mountain and Dagestan.

the Chief ideologist of the party on the national question, the people’s Commissar for nationalities, and from April, 1922, and still the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) Dzhugashvili-Stalin believed that the question of unification can be solved quite simply. All the Soviet republics should join the RSFSR as Autonomous republics: the Ukrainian SSR, the Georgian SSR, etc. This plan of uniting all the Soviet republics under the aegis of Russia informally called “autonomy plan”.

after Reviewing the proposal of Stalin, Lenin immediately made a principled objection to forms of such education. In the letter, written 26 September, 1922, addressed to Lev Rosenfeld-Kamenev for members of the Politburo, Lenin said that Stalin had already agreed with a few amendments to be made to his project. In particular, paragraph 1 needed to be amended as follows:

“Formal unification with the RSFSR in a Union of Soviet republics of Europe and Asia.” This phrase is repeated in the text of the said letter.

Thus, on 26 September 1922ode, two months before the creation of the USSR, Lenin proposed to call this the future of public Association Union of Soviet republics of Europe and Asia.

the Union

“the Spirit of this assignment, – Lenin wrote to Kamenev, I hope, clear: we recognize ourselves equal with Ukrainian SSR and others, and together and equally with them enter a new Union, new Federation.”

Later, during perestroika, the debate in the ranks of the Communists on the principles of the organization of the USSR became common to represent as a dispute between supporters of Lenin’s equal Federation and Stalin’s “autonomy plan”. The latter allegedly provided the concentration of power in the hands of the Central Union bodies and giving the republics a formal sovereignty. And if, despite the fact that in the first Constitution of the USSR was fixed the point of view of Lenin, Stalin’s policy led to the fact that, indeed, it was embodied “the autonomy plan”.

Before he developed the legend of the perestroika era, the debate on the formation of USSR was more adequate. Indeed, the documents and statements of the Soviet leaders of that time contained no indication that Lenin and Stalin had a discussion with each other regarding the principles of the device of the USSR. Once Stalin sided with Lenin (which can be seen from the above-cited letter), and the two began to fight with the so-called “great Russian chauvinism”.

the Essence of the new Union, Lenin expressed in the words of her note, made December 31, 1922 – the day after inter-Republic Congress of Soviets told the world about the creation of the Soviet Union:

“Internationalism… should consist not only in observing formal equality of Nations but also in such inequality which would compensate from the side of the oppressor nation, the great nation, the inequality that is emerging in my life actually”.

Stalin against the Soviet Union, Russian was put in actually inferior status as, clearly didn’t mind. It is obvious that “the Union of republics of Europe and Asia” was no less directed against “great Russian chauvinism” than the Soviet Union.

the Desire for world domination or an unwillingness to associate with Eurasia?

So, exactly why subsequently initial, the Leninist variant of the name of the new Federal States have disappeared, and instead it was decided to establish the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics without any geographical hint? It can be assumed that Lenin’s version just drowned in the stormy debates of the Communists on questions of the Union.

That’s one possibility, but there are two others. It is possible that the restriction of the future of the Union of Soviet republics within the frameworks of Europe and Asia contrary to the idea of world revolution. Why would the Union not to engage Soviet republics of America or Africa, if they arose? Illogical.

But it is possible that the rejection of the name “Union of republics of Europe and Asia” was associated with another factor, external. The fact that in 1921 in the Russian exile declared itself the intellectual course, to claim on the original understanding of the revolution. Its essence was that Bolshevism is a deep denial of the Russian people, the foundations of European civilization that goes beyond political boundaries and is more comprehensive. The supporters of the new trend called Eurasians.

it is possible that Lenin or any other Bolshevik leaders (Leon Trotsky, for example), found out about the existence of Eurasianism did not want to be in the name of the proletarian state figured such a combination as the Union of Europe and Asia. Because then it would be white Russians could happily claim that they predicted the evolution of the Soviet system is performed, and the process moves not in the direction of communism. After all, they already claimed it in connection with the advent of the NEP.

the Motives which prompted in the beginning by Lenin, the name of the new Union state in the future, and was not requested documented has not been clarified. We can onlyabout to speculate.

Yaroslav Butakov

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