Consumer, a number of Flemish tourists have to report with our support team from Turkey that there will be problems with a particular hotel chain in the country. The guests of the Limak hotels in and say that the hotel room block up to the tourists to pay more. Check-out for no additional cost, you should not. “Well, it feels like a prison.”

Evy’s Block (41) and her mother, Sarah Geerts (page 49) locks herself in the afternoon in their room at the Limak Atlantis hotel is a hotel in the Turkish Resort. The staff at the front desk demands a $ 1,000 from customers who have a stay booked through the travel agents, Thomas Cook or Neckermann. “Twenty of the Belgians, is are to be ended. We may, in our room not, and is not the way out of the hotel. We are in a jam. The hotel owner said that they had two months payments, get for Thomas Cook. For this reason, they are here money. But still, it’s not my fault if the travel agent does not pay?”, says Evy.

you can also Read Some as a hotel for extra charges? And I have to leave it as I have a holiday booked, do you? It must have taken the travellers to know,

the Turkish-speaking Belgian, who is in the hotel stayed, the staff, and after a long struggle to persuade the stranded tourists to come to their room and let them go. “There was some pushing and drawgear to look at. Eventually we were allowed into our room. We have our papers, but is caught, and all the other stuff in the trunk and put into it.”

From the guarantee fund are received in the koppeluit Zwijndrecht, the council, in order to not have to pay for it. “We can never control, no hotel, no flight … Niéts. We are advised to be in the room. I would really like to know what I have to do to…”

about 15 hours, the couple is still in the room turned off. “We are standing with our suitcases in the hotel lobby. No idea what’s going to happen …”