A man is said not to have greeted another properly. From the point of view of the public prosecutor, bloody revenge was taken for the alleged disgrace. It was irrelevant to the perpetrators which members of the other family they met. Four shots were fired just hours after the in-law families quarreled, and a then 29-year-old barely survived. Scenes like in a mafia flick. One of the actors is said to have been Guiseppe T. The 24-year-old has been on trial since Thursday.

The charge includes attempted murder. Insidiously and for low motives, T. and two accomplices are said to have gone on a late night purchase in Kreuzberg on the evening of November 27, 2020. Two of the men got out of the gray car – hooded, armed with pistols. They shot at a man who was unsuspectingly standing with several women in front of the Späti on Mittenwalder Straße.

Guiseppe T. is said to have fired a shot, a previously unknown accomplice fired three bullets. One of the projectiles got caught on a vertebra on its back. That saved the life of the man from the extended Al A. family. More shots hit the thigh and back. Assuming they had fatally hit the then 29-year-old, the shooters fled.

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Bader El-M was the driver of the getaway car. been. The prosecutor assumes that he was the one who hours earlier did not feel respected enough. A member of the Al A. family, who was related by marriage to the extended El M. family through an aunt, did not first send the “elderly” Bader El M. the greeting appropriate to the time of day,” the indictment says. He felt “tempted to extreme anger”.

Bader El M. was arrested around two months after the crime. In an earlier trial, the district court sentenced the 22-year-old German from a Lebanese family to eight and a half years in prison. However, the judgment is still final. Guiseppe T. has been in custody since the end of October.

DNA traces are said to have been decisive for T.’s arrest. And also Commissioner Coincidence: It is said that one of the two murder weapons was found in a car long after the shots were fired – with a secured trace that incriminates him.

In addition, T. – a man with Italian citizenship – has to answer for a robbery on money messengers in a Neukölln shopping center.

In the case of the robbery, too, it was a DNA trace that is said to have led to T.: The perpetrators fled over a fence, one got stuck, a rag of his training pants was left behind. T. was silent now. His lawyer said: “No information for the time being.” The trial continues on August 18.