The town of skunks. Why the government can not cope with the vile smell in Novosibirsk

this week in Novosibirsk has covered another wave of odor — people povozmuschalis, authorities something they promised to monitor, in General, it hasn’t moved forward. About why the stench has become a hallmark of the capital of Siberia, and why the authorities are not able to solve the problem, says Dmitry Kosenko.

Here come the people in the airport Tolmachevo and the first thing they are greeted by Novosibirsk — disgusting dung stench. Well, what will develop an opinion of our guests about the city — that’s right, provincial stinking village. In recent years, this smell seems to have become a hallmark of the capital of Siberia, pushing into the background the Opera house, the zoo, and that there is still symbol of the city.