Anderlecht are in September, but now it is all or nothing. Anderlecht for their most important game up to this point, as it says Kompany in the dressing room: “This is our grand finale.”

What’s Simon Davies yesterday proclaiming the news that we would like to save money – that’s just cliché. Only one (visual) detail, kept us on: Davies was a smile from within.

the Stress seemed to be the Dutch boss has only one of. A day like any other. It Was also Davies: once again, the one on which he has nothing to say. However, it is a rise in the voltage at the Neerpede, however. Last but not least to Marc Coucke, chairman of the board is getting sick and tired of losing. Shame on the Club and while he is not on the spot, but tonight, as he normally does. He is calling for a victory.