The strangest laws in Russia

Another 25/01/20 The strange laws that exist in Russia

Absurd laws exist in many countries. For example, in England was the law by which the man was enough to complain of cold feet wife to obtain a divorce. And in Singapore, and now can not go naked in your own apartment – the penalty for such behavior amounts to several thousand dollars. France flying saucers are not allowed to land in the vineyards and in the United States in Ohio it is forbidden to throw lizards.

Because from the point of view of democracy – Russia is quite a young country, our law is still a little strange laws, but nevertheless they exist. Most often it is the different regulations concerning the activities of the business.

Urgent to all whitewash and paint!

for Example, according to item 13, “fire safety requirements”, approved in 2007, training of employees should only be undertaken in separate, specially equipped room in which to be visual AIDS and displays instructional materials. If you do not have such facilities to consider, the law is violated, even if you are a tiny cobbler’s shop.

But the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation of 8 November 2001 the walls and ceiling are all warehouses of catering establishments in which food is stored, it should be plaster and whitewash, and to a height of 1.7 metres, the walls should be painted with moisture proof paint. Another finish, albeit more expensive and even more environmentally friendly – not allowed. If the cafe owner wants to decorate the walls with plastic, tile, natural stone or paint the entire room, including the ceiling, it runs the risk of running into a penalty, besides the design of the walls will have to redo it.

high-Tech place for pros

If your workplace computer, you can start to harass the employer requirement to provide you with the footrest – it is necessary for each user PC, according toSNO item 10.5 SanPiN 2.2.2/2.4.1340-03. Anyhow than be satisfied with: stand should not be less than 30 cm wide, 40 cm in depth, to have the adjustment range of 15 cm in height and 20 degree tilt. Thus it is necessary that its surface was corrugated, and the front edge had edge not less than 1 see the design of the chair of the PC operator must provide adjustment of the seat within 4-5 cm of the back – in the range of 30 degrees, the adjustment of the distance back from the edge of the seat within the 26-40 cm and adjustment of the armrests in the range of 3.5-5 cm

According to the same Regulations, the employer shall when taking on the work of each operator PC to check whether passed recently, the last medical examination, and then demand from him this year. According to the Appendix No. 8 of the standard, the employer is supposed to strongly recommend that the operator specifically approved to do exercises for the eyes. Incidentally the case when the law is not so absurd if you think about it.

About the children and the bees

subject to the “Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to the organization of training in educational institutions” in schools and classrooms “should include a rectangular configuration of classrooms and offices”, and chalkboards can only be two colors – dark brown or green. Black boards are outlaws, as well as boards that are not equipped for “trays for detention chalk dust”. And who would have thought that the color of the marker and marker boards must “contrast”.

If you think that the color is only important for children, you are mistaken. The laws of the Russian Federation even take care of the bees! According to clause No. 3 “the Veterinary rules of the maintenance of honey bees” from 19.05.2016, bee hives throughout the country should be painted in four colors – blue, yellow, orange and green. Moreover, it is important that every beekeeper in the reserve there were at least 10% of the material of the hive and frames.

If the reason the standard is not included red the color is more or less clear: bees it bad to distinguish and often confused with grey, the reason of the “Veterinary regulations” to exclude white – incomprehensible, because the bees it is wonderful to see. In addition, the choice of colors is also not particularly clear, because the bees are confused yellow with green and blue see purple. Maybe someone just wanted to sell more blue and yellow paint?

How to cancel absurd

But not all that bad: many of the laws, yesterday seemed quite strange, even absurd or degrading in Russia are canceled. For example, in accordance with the “Hygienic requirements to working conditions of women” in 1996 when applying for any job women of all ages had to undergo examination by the obstetrician-gynecologist. In Soviet times, women were instructed to undergo an examination by a gynecologist, even when obtaining a driver’s license. By the way, this standard is still in effect in Belarus.

This caused the righteous anger of women, because men in similar situations did not make an appointment with the andrologist and urologist. In 2015, the order of the Supreme court, this requirement was declared illegal.

And in 2019 in Russia there was a special platform “Regulatory guillotine” (until November 15, worked in test mode), which can be used to draw the authorities ‘ attention to the strange and absurd things in the Russian legislation.

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