The Champions League is A battered, PSG sent out yesterday to Real Madrid with a 3-0-pandoering home. The Spanish press was made after the completion of hard Real-Belgians Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois. AS: “Hazard will still be out of shape”

“Courtois was terribly wrong with the openingsdoelpunt, Di Maria, because he is the first pole in the ground are not, but smaller. He did well for the second goal, not fast enough,” said ASH. “Courtois was the occasional sound of rescue as PSG in the second half of the press and teenagers, but it is not the determining factor.”

“When to Switch the ball, he showed his qualities”, he continued AS. “But he was not in a position to be decisive. He was, along with James at the end. The switch is still out of shape, what’s his game do the job.”