The Soviet female snipers surpassed shooters-men

History 31/01/20 Than the Soviet women snipers were superior shooters-men

the Woman sniper is not a rare phenomenon for the army. On this difficult and dangerous career women not only skillfully cope with the case, but in some respects significantly superior to their male counterparts.

the Sniper

in order to become a professional sniper is not enough just to be able to shoot accurately. You still need to have extraordinary endurance, to have good physical preparation, well-developed intuition and excellent response, to be observant and focused, and possess the mastery of disguise. All these qualities allow sniper with honor to do the job, following the rule of “one shot — one kill.”

Sniper, a woman

Alexey Potapov in his book “the art of the sniper” focused on women in the profession. He stated that psychophysiological indicators of the fairer sex is better suited to sniper work than men. Required in this extreme case, the endurance in the women due to the biological features of their body is much higher than men. It has been noticed that when the same wounds, the survival rate of girls is higher than boys. Besides the beautiful half of humanity has a more sensitive sense organs, and in the night, their hearing, sight and smell are heightened, giving them an advantage over men.

major-General Grigory Morozov, preparing women snipers, was convinced that the key to their professional success lies in the hands of that “sensitive men, so when shooting index finger more slowly and deliberately pulls the trigger.”

Founded in ladies instinct does not allow them to be lost in complex combat situations, and allows you to take prompt measures to ensure safety. In addition the girls plays into the hands of their incredible observerness, sharp intuition, accuracy and a conscientious sense of duty.

Women are more responsible attitude to the execution of combat tasks, clearly following the instructions supplied service. With all this snipers more creative in disguising where they have the support of boundless imagination.

In this aspect they by far surpass men as well, and in care as they prefer to act without risk, and precisely, using all the potential put in them patience and endurance. Sometimes, to make just one fatal shot snipers have to spend in the shelter for hours.

School snipers

Given the above features of the psychophysiology the ladies, and based on the needs of the front command of the red army in December 1942 at the Central school the instructor sniper case (men’s) has opened courses for women. Three months of training the first cadets demonstrated excellent learning outcomes, and may 21, 1943 on the basis of courses was formed first in the history of the Central women’s sniper training school.

Originally a place of a dislocation of the institution was the suburban village of Veshnyaki, but before the end of world war II, it has twice changed the registration.

Candidates for school shooters passed a rigorous selection. Learning allowed young girls to 25 years with good health, excellent eyesight, strong body and exceptional shutter, having at least 7 years of education.

in addition to the Central women’s school of sniper training in the Soviet Union of small skill taught in the district schools 29 (of SOSP), training and infantry centers organizations osoaviahima, courses system of universal military training, and right at the front.

Fundamentals courses

the school of snipers in the whole process of learning was laid in 6 months, during which the students receive theoretical information and apply the obtained knowledge in practice. Among the disciplines were listed in the assessment books, was a political, tactical, chemicalAya, fire and drill.

in Order to master a military profession, girls studied in an engineering business and military topography, mastered the basics of masking and equipment of cells of fire, taught the methods of firing and melee, and also coached the hardness of hands, observation and visual acuity.

On a practical training on fire preparation: before proceeding to the shots, had to get to the shooting range, which was located in 7 kilometers from the hull of the institution. Reaching the ground, they have demonstrated their accuracy in shooting at various times of day and at different distance: “the telescope” — 250 m, “infant target” — 500 m, “the defector” — 800 m, “on the easel machine gun” — 1000 m.

But the most difficult test was waiting for them before graduation exam — 70-km-long exhausting March in full soldier’s uniform with rifle, bedroll, entrenching shovel and a gas mask.

With the success of having mastered the sniper courses, the girls got to the front, gratefully remembered their teachers who were strict and demanding, was able to give them the necessary knowledge and skills.

as for the peculiar to women kind-hearted and pity, which seemed, was to prevent them from being a highly skilled killer, she has receded into the background.

On this account, sincerely expressed a sniper Alexander Medvedev-Nazarkin: “I, an ordinary girl, it was very difficult to get comfortable at the front and to shoot people, although I realized that shooting at the enemies. Seeing human sorrow, tears and blood of the native land, I realized that there can be pity to a fierce invader. I have to take up arms and avenge herself. I already knew that I had any other family left…”.

the Famous snipers

the Central women’s sniper training school until the end of world war II produced 1885 snipers. Their efforts at a conservative estimate destroyed more than 12 000 soldat the enemy, that is almost a full German division.

Many graduates of the school was awarded the highest Soviet orders and medals, and two Baramzina Tatiana and Aliya Moldagulova was awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

However, the most famous and successful female sniper of the Second World war recognized destroyed 309 Nazi soldiers and officers, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, who before the fighting had finished school osoaviahima.

When the Germans found that they are fighting against the Soviet female snipers, they were in disbelief. Appointing his Frau just for staff and administrative positions, they believed that women were not able to Express themselves directly on the battlefield, especially in such a difficult military profession.

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