Celebrities, Cameron Developments (to 30) is said to be the agents who are after him for the murder of his own mother, had searched for and found that he had a gun with him. He made as if he would be firing, in which four police officers showed him and shoot. Now it turns out that it is the son of actor Ron Ely, that Tarzan was played in the 60’s, mass was.

The family tragedy that took place on the evening of the 15th of October, in Santa Barbara, California. Cameron Ely raised when the 62-year-old’s mother, Valerie Lundeen in the family home in Hope Ranch, is dead. The son called the emergency services and tried for the murder to be in the shoes of his ailing father, 81 to the slide. Ron Ely was the actor who has the role of Tarzan crept into the same-named tv show of the late ‘ 60’s.

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The police-brought to myself with the message that Cameron is Precisely not a weapon is carried out. A motive for the stabbing of his own mother, it was not a given. The four police officers, and Ron Ely were not injured.