Money is At the skeyes, in the past, Belgocontrol, the joint committee reached an agreement on the “planningsmechanisme” or in the schedules to the air traffic controllers. That is, the company has announced. Two of the three trade unions agreed to the agreement to be good.

There were three agreements entered into regarding other matters relating to the organisation of the work.

“The approval of the operative planning is an important step in an ongoing social dialogue with skeyes, which has already led to accords on the 22nd of march and 10th of may of this year. Thanks for the chords, you can skeyes for the safety of air traffic in the future as well, and that the Eu legislation on fatigue management (vermoeidheidsmanagement, ed.) and for rostering (the work schedule, editor’s note.) as of January 1, 2020 to implement,” according to the company.

This agreement governs the scheduling of the working hours, the air traffic controllers. That’s been a few months, to a point. The agreement was finally signed by the board of directors and of the socialist and liberal trade unions.


The christian trade union ACV, and sees itself, ” says secretary-Kurt Callaerts. “In the original text, some of the major changes to be made, and where we had been. For instance, each of the air traffic controller twice a year, and can be called on to be regardless of the shift. That is, of the text will be removed”. Is still a problem, according to the ACV, and then, again, the air traffic controllers, it is only two weeks in advance of their work schedule, will know, in the past, that was two months old.

CENTRAL is now in internal review. Social actions – as in the past, but even more often it is the case for the company and for the time being, is not an issue, it ensures Callaerts. The original text has been changed dramatically. The actions are not the issue”.

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