The situation in the embattled city of Sievjerodonetsk is becoming increasingly hopeless for the Ukrainian troops without new weapons. After the Ukrainians had managed to destroy bridges after their retreat in the first weeks and months of the war and thus buy themselves time against the Russians, the situation in the east of the Donbass is now different.

The Russians have now also destroyed the third major bridge over the Severskyi Donets River and have almost encircled the Ukrainians in the city.

According to presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak, the Ukrainian military intends to involve the Russians in street fighting because the Ukrainian soldiers there have an advantage due to their local knowledge. But in the pocket, without the planned retreat of Lysychansk across the river, they are easy prey for the Russian artillery.

Artillery, in turn, is exactly what the Ukrainians lack. Ukrainian forces report that they know very well where the Russians are, but cannot engage them without proper artillery. The drones don’t leave them completely empty-handed. However, if the Ukrainians want to remain defensive in Sievjerodonetsk and the following battles, deliveries from the West are essential.