The siege of Leningrad and other predictions of Grigory Rasputin

History 17/02/20 the Siege of Leningrad and other predictions of Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin, a controversial figure, which is still disputed by historians. Some consider it a clever charlatan, who managed to ingratiate himself to the Royal family, others almost Holy, and others believe that this man had strong psychic abilities. Anyway, there is evidence that many of the prophecies of Rasputin were really true.

the Revolution and the murder of the Imperial family

In 1912 in St. Petersburg published a book under the authorship of Rasputin “Pious reflection”. It also provides detailed prophecy of the “elder”.
“Every time I hug the king and mother and the girls, and the Prince, I shudder of horror, as if hugging the dead, wrote Rasputin. And then I pray for these people, because in Russia they are more in need. And I pray for the family of the Romanovs, because to them falls the shadow of a long Eclipse”.
At the end of 1916, Rasputin wrote the king the following letter:
“If I killed my fellow peasants, you won’t have to fear for their children. They will reign for many centuries. But if I destroy the nobles, aristocrats, then their hands will be stained with my blood for twenty-five years, and they leave Russia. The king of the Russian land, if you will hear the ringing of the bell which will tell you that Gregory killed, know that one of your faked my death and none of you, none of your children will not live more than two years… Russian Tsar, you’ll be killed by the Russian people, and the people will be cursed and will become an instrument of the devil, killing each other and multiplying death around the world. Three times in twenty-five years are the robbers black, servants of the Antichrist, to destroy the Russian people and the Orthodox faith”.
Alas, the prediction came true in the “worst” option. The young Prince Felix Yusupov decided to kill the temporary worker, which, from his point of view, isl criminal influence on the Royal family. Accomplices in the murder, committed in December 1916, became a cousin of the king Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, State Duma Deputy Vladimir Purishkevich and the doctor Stanislaw Lazovert.
two months later, in February 17th, the revolution broke out. In October – another. And in July, 1918, just a year and a half after Rasputin’s murder, the entire family of Nicholas II was shot in Yekaterinburg. The Soviet power lasted until December 1991. Since the death of the prophet, it was exactly seventy-five years – three times at twenty-five.

the Great Patriotic war and the siege of Leningrad

a Close friend of the Empress lady-in-waiting Anna Vyrubova was very friendly with Rasputin and left in his diary a lot of the records pertaining to his prophecies. So, she describes in his “Memoirs” one episode from March 1913: “once the teacher was angry with the Germans. Screaming in the face of one who asks, apparently from the Germans that inside them de rotten tripe. And then turned to me: “I know, I Know, – he shouted, – will surround Petersburg, to starve to be! God, how many people will die, and all because of the Germans! And the bread is bread on the palm of my hand don’t make out! Here and die in the city. But you can not see the Petersburg! Nakos, death will go hungry and will not let you!”… The question of when will it all happen, said, “From my death – the year of the 25th””.
Rasputin was murdered in December 1916, and the war began on 22 June 1941. September 8, 1941 began the siege of Leningrad, which lasted more than two years. A lot of people died of starvation.

the Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

This prediction was made in February 1916. “A friend was running around and scaring all asked to pray, recalls Vyrubova. Cried a terrible voice that sees people burning, sees the island and two towns and no cities and no people. Was said, and the fire burned. And right and left again… And he sent Daria to say that the Japs God have mercy and hand of wrath will not delay…”

Gagarin’s Flight and landing andmerikantsev on the moon

Vyrubova described Here is another episode from November, 1913: “the Master looked at the moon. Said, “good, that people are stupid, and you see – and wanted to do”. I asked him: “Who is Gregory?”. And he said that Americans walk on the moon will be disgraced your flag will leave and fly away. And I asked: “Yes how so? There’s no air”. “And they are in boxes, and fume that’s way ahead of us. Us! But do not be afraid of them previously, there popustima and the first will. Yurka will be.” And I said, “Where? On The Moon? And what then? Not the Prince Lee Isotret Yuri Petrovich?” And he suddenly became angry: “you Fool generic! Not on the moon, a chicken, and in the sky! And not the Prince this is your””.

the nuclear power plant Accident

“all the world will be built tower, is the predicted Favorite in the book – they are the locks of death. Some of these castles will collapse, and these wounds will flow out rotten blood that will infect the earth and sky. Because the clots of infected blood as the predators will descend upon our heads.
Many clots fall to the ground, and the ground where they fall and become deserted for seven generations”.
26 April 1986 happened the Chernobyl disaster. Subsequently, hundreds of people died from the radiation but those who survived, and to this day feel its effects. And in March 2011, an explosion happened at the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”.

Climatic shocks

“Earthquakes will become more frequent, land and water will be revealed, and their wounds devour men and belongings, – is told in the book of the prophecies of Rasputin. – Rose will bloom in December and in June will be snow.”
Today, more and more natural disasters happening. In connection with the shifting of the earth’s poles and global warming increasingly, we are witnessing weather anomalies.

Genetic modification

Here is another prediction: “monsters are Born who are not people nor animals. A lot of people who will have marks (umbilical cord) to the body, will have a mark in the soul. And then the time will come when you will find in the cradle of the beast of beasts — a man without a soul.” Soonit all, we are talking about genetic experiments and cloning.
There are among the predictions of Rasputin and it is very worrying that the interpreters associated with the beginning of world war III. But they have not yet come true, so let’s hope for the best…

Irina Shlionskaya

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