The Siberian Plenipotentiary has told, if he had the coronavirus, and explained where he disappeared in June

Russian presidential Envoy in the Siberian Federal district Sergey Menyailo told whether he was sick with coronavirus and where he disappeared in June for a long time out of sight of the media.

In mid-June in Novosibirsk mass-media there were messages about his possible infection — initially the post was published an anonymous telegram channel. In the representation of the information on quarantine due to the illness of the envoy denied.

— I’m not only the Ambassador, but also a man. And as a person I can be specific family circumstances. I became a grandfather for the fourth time. My granddaughter was born. Half Siberian. And preparation for this was a certain, — said Menyailo. I read that I was “absent”. But I don’t practice family law, and now here have to digress a bit in order for things to be normal. No, I’m not sick with coronavirus. I’m a little engaged in family issues, but has always been connected. This does not mean that I am isolated somewhere. I had less planned activities.