The Russian wife of Dzhokhar Dudaev: how did her fate

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General Dzhokhar Dudayev was married to a Russian artist Alevtina Kulikova.She was almost constantly beside her husband. Her eyes Dudayev was eliminated. After the death of her husband Kulikov tried to leave Chechnya and determined abroad. She did, however, not the first time.

Kulikova Alevtina was no stranger to the nomadic life. She was a military brat, so even in childhood and adolescence has traveled the entire Union. Alevtina was born in the suburbs, and the art-graphic faculty of pedagogical University graduated in Smolensk. In the 1960-ies fate brought Kulikov in the Presidio Shaykovka Kaluga region. There she met with Dzhokhar Dudayev, then a Lieutenant in the air force. As recalled herself Alevtina Fedorovna in his autobiographical book “a Million first,” they met quite banal – at the dance.

In 1969, Alla Kulikova became the lawful wife of Dzhokhar Dudayev. Within a few years the family had three children: sons ALUR and Degas and daughter Dana. Since the birth of the youngest child Dudayev lived together for a little over 10 years. All these years Kulikova almost constantly at her husband’s side. Even on the last day of the life of Dzhokhar Dudayev in April 1996, she was with him. According to Alexander Afanasiev, in his book “the Wrath of God”, from the powerful explosion, Dudayev was thrown into a ditch. Getting out of it, Alevtina began to look for their “Dookie”, and then tripped over his body.

according to the edition “Russian who’s who”, in may 1996, Alla Kulikova tried to leave Chechnya. Fake documents Dudayev was going to fly to Turkey. However, right at the airport of Nalchik she, along with the bodyguard of the deceased husband Musa Idigova was arrested. Dudayev’s widow was questioned by a man who introduced himself as Alexander Volkov. VPOthe result Alevtina Fedorovna learned that under that name was hiding none other than the Colonel of KGB Alexander Litvinenko.

the 28th of the same month Russian President Boris Yeltsin met with leaders of the Chechen separatists and promised to release Alla Dudayev. His promise to Yeltsin fulfilled. As reported by Evgeny Strigin in his book “the KGB was, is and will be: FSB in Barsukov (1995-1996)” in a few hours thanks to the personal order of Boris Yeltsin Kulikova Alevtina was free. Only after that the widow Dudaev had to return to Chechnya, where she and her children spent the next 3 years.

However, if you believe the authors of the book “Call themselves for interrogation: an FSB officer testifies” to Alexander Litvinenko and Akram Murtazaev, Turkey Alla Kulikova to get managed. At least in early 2000-ies Dudayev lived in Istanbul, where at that time already had time to locate her adult daughter. The eldest son Dudaev, Avlur, moved to Lithuania, and even received the citizenship of this country. However, someone else’s name. Some time, Alla Kulikova held and Allure, in Vilnius. However, in contrast Alevtina Fedorovna was given only a residence permit.

that is why Alla Kulikova, however, as her younger son, Degas, decided to acquire the citizenship of another state. The choice fell on Estonia. The fact that in the Soviet years, the couple Dudayev lived in Tartu, had a residence permit and housing. In 2003 the Estonian government has amended the law: since the citizenship was granted “for special merits”. On him, as he mentioned in his book “Estonia: before and after the “bronze night”” Igor Rosenfeld, and hoped Kulikov. But the hopes of widows is not true: the Estonian authorities refused. Today, according to some, Alla Dudayeva lives in Sweden.

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