The plenary Room of the noodbegroting approved for the months of november and december. That noodbegroting has been overridden by an amendment of the LABOUR party, which last week approved a zorgfonds 67 million. There is, however, additional legislation is required in order to receive additional funding for care in order to be able to spend.

As there is as yet no new government has a regular budget processes, the government is currently working with a provisional credit. The ep, which noodbegroting every couple of months to re-approve it. The noodbegroting is a need for taxes to be collected and expenditure to be able to do it.

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Last week, the one on the credits, for the months november and december. With the support of the socialists, the greens and the Vlaams belang, the Dutch LABOUR party managed to get an amendment to get approval for additional funds for the health sector. Due to that, the amendment had to be in the Room today from his holiday to return to the noodbegroting to give final approval, and if a shutdown is to occur.

Only the N-VA votes
That’s going to happen now, but it will not be for a long time. The shutdown could last until there is a signature of the king is under the law, in and to all funds in the accounting system of the public administration, are registered. “I will do what is necessary in order to make sure that it is the king of the noodbegroting in time to sign”, aldusKamervoorzitter, Patrick Dewael. It is anticipated that the shut-down, at the latest on Monday will be cancelled.

Eventually, the only N-VA at the noodbegroting. Vlaams belang, the LABOUR party’s amendment, but voted against the entire noodbegroting (which is the continuation of the last budget of the government, Michael; editor).

“Additional legislation is required,”
It is through the LABOUR party’s amendment to 400 million euro will be provided to the health care sector. But the money could not be spent. The Minister of the Budget, David Clarinval MR) and the ministry of Social Affairs and public Health Maggie De Block (Open Vld) to recognize the needs of the healthcare industry, but to say that there is additional legislation that is necessary to enable the fund to enter into force.

The government wants the parliament to be able to help to make this legislation as soon as possible to work with. Next week we will have the competent Kamercommissies about it all together. The Minister for The pre-show to the many job opportunities in the sector that are not filled get. According to the government, there will be a social discussion about the exact use of the funds.