Foreign Police chief Frank Paauw, of Amsterdam, has been on holiday in the US, interrupted after the winding-up of the lawyer’s Derk, Wiersum in the Dutch capital city and that of a football player Kelvin Maynard (who is ever at FC Antwerp, and played on the same day.

Paauw today, along with the rechercheteams who are concerned with the demoord the raadsmanvan kroongetuige Nabil, B., and eveneensfatale schietpartijin for the district of South, on the same day, as confirmed by his spokesman, in a message to the newspaper The Telegraph .

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The politiehoofd decided to come back from the United States of america, when he heard that, Wiersum, was shot and killed.According to the spokesperson, work with dozens of investigators working on the two issues. All of the capacity is used and there is additional support from other police units on hand in the event of a new incident emerge.