Bundespressekonferenz Das neue Infektionsschutzgesetz Aktuell,24.08.2022,Berlin,Bundesminister für Gesundheit Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach gemeinsam mit Bundesjustizminister Marco Buschmann FDP bei der Bundespressekonferenz zum Thema Das neue Infektionsschutzgesetz Berlin Berlin Deutschland *** Federal Press Conference The new Infection Protection Act Current,24 08 2022,Berlin,Federal Minister of Health Prof Dr Karl Lauterbach together with Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann FDP at the Federal Press Conference on The new Infection Protection Act Berlin Berlin Germany

There are two readings of the new Infection Protection Act that the Federal Cabinet has launched. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach says: There will be dark times again in autumn, but the new Infection Protection Act prepares us well. Marco Buschmann’s reading is against it: The Infection Protection Act causes as few restrictions as necessary and the hurdles for the introduction of strict measures are high.

Beware of freedom, it was a tough struggle: In order for their two arguments to be correct, the federal ministers only prescribed rudimentary measures and passed the decision on to the federal states. The construct is partly unnecessarily complicated due to the need to find compromises.

The construct succeeds in representing a minimum consensus that preserves the peace between Lauterbach and Buschmann, and at the same time actually gives the countries a number of sensible measures. However, new trouble is threatening again. Changes are still possible in the parliamentary process.

After Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck flew across the Atlantic without a mask, the FDP wants to discuss an exception to the FFP2 mask requirement on flights. The government factions must now clarify this quickly. The traffic light cannot afford to be disgraced when voting on the law.