Agathe, There is a book about the unsolved murder of a 17-year-old Tania, From the Film of Edegem. It was in the summer of 1993, was murdered, found in the park, Brilschans in Berchem (antwerp). The parents do not want the book to be a breakthrough. “There are people out there who wouldn’t dare or be allowed to speak, but it really can be,” says the mother of Annie From the Film.

After an evening in a youth club in The Wommel in the Fort II, Wommelgem, reed, Tania, Of the Film on the Friday evening of July 16, 1993, on her scooter to her house. She accompanied her boyfriend to his grandmother, and then put in the direction of Edegem. The scooter was found abandoned in the Strijdoncklaan in Deurne, the netherlands. Tania was a day later, a hiker was found dead in the Brilschanspark in Berchem (antwerp). That’s ten miles away from the site of her state of mind.

the Mother of Annie, and father, Wim, and have for more than a decade, nothing more is heard of the justice, or the moordbrigade of the federal judicial police. Therefore, they took upon themselves to contact with the gerechtsjournalist Kurt Wertelaers. He has made this year his tv debut with the documentary, “Cold Case” on tv. Therein, he tried to use the unresolved murder of the Antwerp Appeal Of Hecke, to clear up the matter.The first court re-opened the investigation.

Kurt Wertelaers: “I have been talking with the parents of Tania, Of the Film, which is in Spanish costa blanca to live, and long conversations. The book will be available not only to the murder of their daughter, the focus, however, will be more understanding to deliver what is there that particular night, in that Brilschanspark happened to them.”

the Names will Wertelaers today’s call. “This is the work of the ministry of justice.”

“Brilschanspark it was dangerous,”

According to the Wertelaers, it is not surprising, therefore, that the Tania Of the Film in the Brilschanspark in Berchem (antwerp) on her killer did. “ There were at that time, in and around the park are the figures around which the terrible facts to have been. Even the murder rate. The top of the list of killers in the area toesloegen, it is surprisingly a long time.”

Tania From the Cemetery was a teenage boy with a large circle of friends. Many of our friends are now grown men and women with families of their own. Kurt Wertelaers with a lot of talking. Among other things, with the young people, who, at the time, in the evening, in The Wommel were in attendance. The moordbrigade it has long been thought to be one of the guests at the party, Tania was, and she was attacked by the Brilschanspark. The participants were then extensively interviewed and had their DNA. It has helped with the research, it is not moving forward.

the Mother of Annie From the Film: “Every time a ‘cold case’ in the news, you’ll get a little bit of hope. As of now with the window cleaner Stephaan, D. L., who has been accused of two murders in the early nineties. Who knows, maybe his DNA also matched the DNA found on the bodies of Tania. You just never know.”

The family Film has a part, promised on the book by Kurt Wertelaers. A tv-documentary has been for a long time not to be the case. The book from the beginning to the year 2020.