The season also begins in the open-air cinema in the old town of Berlin-Spandau: on Friday, July 1, it starts with the comedy “Contra” with Christoph-Maria Herbst. On Saturday, July 2nd, the drama “House of Gucci” will be shown. The performances currently start late at 9.45 p.m. because the cinema is logically dependent on darkness.

If you’ve never been there: there are deckchairs to lounge around, cold beer and wine, hot soup, buttered pretzels and no guarantee that it will stay dry. The tickets cost 10 euros, concessions 8.50 euros and are available online: On Tuesday the canvas was scrubbed and blown up.

The cinema is located in the pedestrian zone of the old town of Spandau – in the courtyard of the old town library directly opposite the town hall, and behind it is the Colm cinema family. She also runs the small, alternative cinema next door in the Kulturhaus: here’s my story.

The two once told me in the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel: She, Julia Colm, has been making cinema for 30 years, almost 20 of them in Spandau. Her husband, Roman Colm, was there longer (“He comes from a Swabian cinema family that has been making screens shine since 1929”).

The Staakener once described the cultural relevance for the old town as follows in the newsletter: “We have long been attracting cinema lovers from the city center who would not otherwise come to Spandau. And of course, curious people from the surrounding area also come to us – Nauen, Potsdam, Falkensee.” But then came Corona, from which the cinemas also suffered so much. The cinema online:

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– Altstadt: New café planned by the river – this is a rarity in Spandau

– Large student residence is being built in the old town directly on the Havel

– “Need a small statue of liberty”: ideas from ex-mayor Helmut Kleebank for the new bank design

– 14 million construction site: Start of construction for the “Spandauer Horn” on the Spree corner Havel. The date and how to build

– Havelradweg: New luggage compartments at the old town bridge?

– “The Federal President has bees from Spandau in his garden”: Interview with head of the Spandau beekeepers’ association about honey, criticism of Spandau town hall and tips for families and their garden

– Lots of ideas and plans for the water town: Fresh greenery, street art walls, new social center with the church – but the WBM fails with their gastro plans on the Havelufer. Plus: SUP races and dance evenings start on the banks of the Havel

– 100 years village church in the garden city of Staaken: the 1st photo and the anniversary celebration

– Best-of-BVV: AfD candidate takes the 9th attempt to elect the city council

– Linke wants free toilets for women in Spandau

– Garbage annoyance and anger at motorists on Lake Glienicke who tear obstacles out of the ground – Politics meets the police and fire brigade

– Dischinger Bridge between Arcaden and Ikea: Attention, traffic jam in July!

– Heerstraße Nord: Video surveillance is getting serious

– Maximilian, the yellow currywurst booth from Spandau

– Dates without end: open-air cinema, outdoor pool, culture in the arcades, concerts – and shady excursion destinations

– Local sport: Spandau is the epi center in canoe polo and the new vice president of Hertha BSC is Spandauer

– Berlin-Spanpfau: Readers again show photos of their favorite peacock

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