Games, about half of all smartphone users in Belgium are playing games on their smart phones. In comparison with the previous year there is an increase of 9 per cent. This is confirmed by the latest edition of its annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey by Deloitte.

“one-half of all Belgian web, plays games on the smartphone,” says Vincent Fosty of the Way. “Living In Belgium for € 4.2 million active gamers, which will be in 2017, to an estimated 302 million has been spent on the games.” Just under 30 percent of all mobile gamers to give money to the games. Only 16 per cent spend more than € 1 per month, 5 percent pay more than $ 20 per month.

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According to the report, the percentage of women playing games on their cell phone (52 per cent) was higher than the percentage of men (48 per cent). The younger the age group, the more users play games on their mobile phones, you hear it. Nowadays, it plays to more than 70 per cent of 18 – to 24-year-olds are playing games on your smartphone. In the 25 – to 34-year-olds, gamet 64 per cent, on the phone, with the 35 – to 44-year-olds are going to have 54 percent of the time.

From the report it seems that wearables, like a smartwatch or a activiteitstracker, of the rise of. More than one-fifth that of the Belgians (22 percent) have had at least one wearable in order to connect his or her smartphone. “Over the past four years, the growth of the market for wearables is seven times greater than that of a smartphone and a half times as fast as those of laptops and tablets,” says will.

93% use a smartphone daily, use

Furthermore, it emerges from the results is that now 93% of the Belgians are every day uses his or her smart phone. More than one third of them read it every day on the news, and more than one in five watching a short video or liveposts. Facebook remains the most popular platform in all age groups, and for Instagram and Snapchat. This year, 63 percent of those smartphone users, a product or a service is purchased via a smartphone.