The Novosibirsk Ministry of emergency situations declared an emergency alert: residents warned of strong winds of up to 23 m/s

In the Novosibirsk region on 17 and 18 January, the Ministry of emergency situations declared an emergency alert in the region is expected strong wind with snow, blizzards and icy conditions.

Day the 17th of January, on the night of 18 January 2020 in the Novosibirsk region it is expected snow, sometimes heavy, on the South-East with sleet, prolonged snowstorms, sometimes ice phenomena, wind 18-23 m/s, on the roads snow drifts, black ice, — stated in the message MES.

Rescuers recalled that in this weather it’s important to motorists to observe speed limits and distance. Also, if wet snow will stick to the billboards and wires, it can cause them to fall. MOE recommends that you do not Park cars under the old, decrepit trees and poorly fortified structures. Parents need to monitor children’s activities.