The NKVD against the Belarusian

History 23/01/20 of the NKVD against the Belarusian “forest brothers”: how the KGB destroyed the partisans, traitors,

the Series “Liquidation” about struggle against gangsterism in the post-war Odessa was loved by many. Including because the Parallels with the hero of Vysotsky “the meeting Place cannot be changed” in the movie is more than obvious. But few know that such events occurred in only liberated from the Nazis Bobruisk. And, as he told in an interview with the film Director Sergei Ursulyak it’s partly this story of the fight against local bandits became one of the sources of the script of the series.

banditry in Bobruisk

As said Oleg Romanko in the book “the Brown shadows in the forest”, in March 1944 in Bobruisk was established the Union of struggle against Bolshevism – an organization headed by anti-Communist, Mikhail Oktan. In 1941, when the city was occupied, he was recruited by the Germans. Bobruisk was liberated in the summer of 1944 and collaborators fled to the woods, starting a guerrilla struggle against the Soviet Union. After Stalin’s Amnesty in honor of the victory over Germany in the ranks of anti-Communists joined and outright bandits.

the country’s Leadership expected of rampant anti-Soviet forces in Western Belarus, but did not expect to face them in the East. When on Stalin’s Desk lay a report to Lavrenti Beria about the mass gang attacks on Soviet officers and soldiers in Bobruisk, has come to think. The case that broke the patience of the Soviet government was the murder of captain Alexander Preza who was accompanied by the gunner in the autumn of 1946 he was sent to the Belarusian city for performance of official tasks. Immediately thereafter, a furious Stalin demanded an immediate solution to the situation.

the Elimination of Belarusian

As told by Alex Popov in the book “15 meetings with the KGB General Belchenko”, his character was heading at the time of the USSR interior Ministry were furious – after all, the gang killed more than a dozen withovetsky military, operated in what was once the guerrilla zone. Before the investigators was the goal in the shortest possible time to eliminate the villains. The task was difficult, because Nkvdshnikov opposed not just criminals, and hardened saboteurs, the last “German school”.

the deportation of the Bobruisk area (at that time there was such) individuals and families of those who during the occupation collaborated with the Nazis. So in the hands of the operatives was a relative of one of the leaders of the gang. Agent “Relative” was introduced into the gang undercover legend of escape. He eventually brought Nkvdshnikov to the shelter of the Belarusian “forest brothers”. In a bloody exchange of fire was injured a number of investigators, but former collaborators were able to completely destroy. When they were found numerous documents of the dead officers, their uniform and weapon, which became the obvious evidence of the crimes.

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