The Muse Malinowska: as the famous parachutist became the wife of scout Eitington

History 04/01/20 Muse Malinovskaya: as the famous parachutist became the wife of scout Eitington

About a Soviet spy Nahum Eitingon still legendary. However, the legendary figure was his wife and Muse Malinovskaya. However, the fate of the Hill is difficult to call easy. After the arrest Eitington she stayed with the children all alone. Not destined Muse Fosdick and wait for rehabilitation spouse.

Meeting in the war

If you believe the memoirs of the Muses Malinovskaya (nee Vihirevoy) “At the maximum height” a meeting with the legendary scout Nahum Eitingon she owes the great Patriotic war. The fact that in June 1941 was created a Special Group of NKVD, the main activities of which was reconnaissance and sabotage missions behind enemy lines. The ranks of this group joined about 800 people, both among professional athletes and students of sports schools. He recalled how the scout Pavel Sudoplatov and Nahum Eitingon was appointed Deputy chief of staff NKVD combat parachute assault of the enemy.

in the parachute brigade and was the Muse Malinovskaya. Of course, it wasn’t an accident. The fact that Malinovsky was a professional parachutist: she not only made over a hundred jumps, but also set a record by jumping with a parachute from a height at 7035 meters and without oxygen devices. It is clear that such a fearless girl just could not captivate Eitington. Scout didn’t care that she’s been married and had a son. As the authors of the book “Stalin’s KGB” by V. N. Stepankov, A. V. Kiselev, and E. P. Sharapov in the same 1941 Muse Malinovskaya married Nahum Eitington.

the couple on the job and in life

During a joint task Muse Malinovskaya and Naum Eitingon also acted as spouses. However, the names of the scouts is still changedLee. Consul of the USSR, Leonid Naumov and his wife Lyudmila went to Turkey in order to eliminate the German Ambassador in Ankara, Franz von Papen, whom Stalin considered his personal enemy. However, Malinovsky and Eitington waited for failure. If you believe the E. P. Sharapova, the author of the book “Naum Eitingon punishing sword of Stalin”, the assassination of Papen had failed. Stalin and Beria were very unhappy with this fact, however, Sudoplatov was able to defend his Deputy and his wife.

Muse Malinovskaya left Turkey in April 1942, and in August it was followed by Naum Eitingon. Thus again the lovers met only after almost six months. But the feeling, apparently, was not extinguished, as in October, Malinovsky gave birth to a son, whom the parents have named himself “Consul Naumov” – Leonid. By the time Muse G. had already been dismissed in connection with the reorganization of the military unit. After the war, in 1947, came to light their common daughter, a Muse, Jr.

After the arrest of a spy

after 4 years of happy family life ended. According to the author of the book “the Main enemy of Stalin. As was Trotsky killed” Vadim Rogovin, in 1951, in the midst of the anti-Semitic campaign, Naum Eitingon was arrested. After Stalin died, Beria ordered the release of Eitington. But as soon as the scout was released, he was again taken into custody. In 1957, Eitingon was sentenced to 12 years in prison as an “accomplice of Beria”. With him time served and Sudoplatov. Due to the fact that Muse Malinovskaya also worked with Sudoplatov, she feared that one day he will come for her. But the main thing — the Director was afraid for the children: she was sure that Leonid and the Muse will give to different orphanages, and they will never find each other.

Despite the fact that nothing happened, later life Muse Malinowska hard to call easy. For a long time once a nationally-known parachutist couldn’t get at least a little bit decent job. With great difficulty, the Director was able to determine at the post office. Did not wait for it and REABILITACII husband. It was only in 1991. 2 years before that, the Muse G. died.

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