The murder of Sergei Kirov: what were the questions

Another 27/12/19 the Murder of Sergei Kirov: what were the questions

the Version of Stalin’s “order” of the murder of prominent Soviet political figure has spread with the filing of a pioneer in the process of exposing the cult of personality of Stalin, the first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev.
But she was not the only and officially promulgated even during the life of Stalin himself.

white Russians? The Trotskyists?

Soviet spy-defector (in 1938 fled to the United States) Alexander Orlov in his book “the secret history of Stalin’s crimes,” wrote that immediately after the assassination of Kirov in the Soviet press was a small gap in time recorded two versions of who likely ordered the murder of Kirov committed by Leonid Nikolaev at the Smolny on 1 December 1934.
the government statement made in the press after the assassination, said that Nikolaev sent a “white guard terrorists” entrenched abroad, he allegedly to commit murder came from there. In parallel, the press has resumed the campaign against the Russian military Union (Rosa) – Western anti-Bolshevik organization, consisting of emigres. It had originally contacted the organization and implementation of terrorist attack against Sergei Kirov.
it took 2 weeks, and the responsibility for preparing and committing the murder laid already on the Trotsky-zinovievsky opposition, what also did not fail to inform the Soviet press. This was followed by the arrests of Zinoviev, Kamenev and other prominent party leaders, added to the opposition bloc. The fact of their detention was served in the Soviet press as a confirmation of their involvement in the murder of Kirov.

Maybe, after all, Stalin?

Alexander Orlov, citing the circumstantial arguments that he received in conversations with current employees of the NKVD (he defector was not) and based on their own conclusions after the analysis sookunosti factors (complications of relations of Moscow and Leningrad, autonomy and the growing popularity of Kirov and other aspects) concludes that the elimination of the leader of the Leningrad Communist party organization was the same Joseph Stalin who instructed the NKVD to prepare and to perform this action, he thereby eliminated a potential competitor in the political arena and paved the way to neutralize a group of “opposition”, which is also considered a danger to herself.

Nikolayev was a loner?

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in March 1990, the second of Gorbachev in the Politburo of the Soviet Union, Alexander Yakovlev was sent to the Federal Prosecutor’s office and Investigative Department of the KGB of the USSR shall carry out the examination of the circumstances surrounding the death of Sergei Kirov and explain finally, who was behind Leonid Nikolayev.
In the certificate issued by these structures, it is said that Leonid Nikolayev was a loner and no conspiracy to eliminate Kirov did not exist. Nikolaev in conclusion, repeatedly tried to commit suicide, he was forced to testify for other people, allegedly members of the “group”. Besides, there is reason to believe that the killer of Kirov had serious mental problems – in fact, there are psychiatric reports confirming the presence of hysterical seizures.
Links of Nikolaev with OGPU-NKVD, the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Department of KGB also has not set their agent assassin of Kirov was not. Nothing linked him with “opposition groups”, alleged member of which was convicted and executed including on charges of planning the assassination of Kirov.
however, a documentary check confirmed the personal intervention of Stalin in the course of preliminary investigation on the murder of Kirov – ample evidence suggests that it encouraged the leadership of the NKVD “to find the killers among the “Zinovievites””, gave instructions about the arrest of certain high-ranking officials. In the end the official version, voiced by the Supreme court of the USSR, was clearly stated: the murder of Kirov was committed “members pravotrotskistskoj block with the complicity of staff of the Leningrad NKVD”.
as a result, hundreds of people throughout the Soviet Union, including those who held high positions in various government agencies and institutions, on trumped up charges was sentenced, shot or sent to Gulag camps.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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