The morning after a powerful anticheating party. Online chronicle of the coronavirus in Novosibirsk

Hello, dear readers! Before together we watched how the city’s residents spend a Saturday, found out when will begin testing a vaccine against coronavirus in humans and how many people got sick. Today is all about city life and about the coronavirus — our-online-chronicle.

I Wonder how the authorities would react to the party, which ended Saturday? We published 8 powerful shots from the height how the city’s residents partied in the city centre. If you follow the self-isolation and even go to the store in a mask, it is better not see this report — you’ll be angry.

Today you again medical Explorer NGS Maria Tishchenko. Send photos and videos via WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram at +7 961 845-55-78, e-mail or click “Report your news” on our website.