The mission of the KGB: why Larisa Kronberg seduced the French Ambassador

Biography 25/01/20 frame of villaspeciosa KGB: why Larisa Kronberg seduced the French Ambassador

All the intelligence agencies around the world use in their operations this technique as a “honey trap”. The object of development zamanivaya in sexual intercourse, compromised and in fear of public scandal is forced to cooperate. Of course, in order for this combination to work, thorough preparation is required, knowing the case agents, but most importantly, need sweet bait. It can only be a very sexy young woman, enough to drive anyone bonkers. However, she needs to be smart enough and not too sensitive. This was Larisa Kronberg – actress and main character of the operation “GALANT” conducted by the KGB in 1955.

the fate of the actress

the Father of Larissa was a Soviet officer, a pole by nationality, his mother was Swedish. Studied Larissa well, 10 classes and graduated with a silver medal. In 1948, he entered the VGIK, workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. Made progress, even the great Gerasimov predicted her fame, was considered very talented. However, to graduate from the master course Larissa is not managed. She fell in love, got married and quit school. However, after a while she recovered in the Institute, and was graduated from the VGIK in 1954.

Despite the beauty and undoubted talent, great fame in the field of cinema Larisa is not achieved. She played a lot, but the roles she was mostly small: a cashier in “Girl with a guitar”, the daughter of a white Colonel in “Oleko Dundicha”, the guest run in “Incognito from Petersburg”. One of the most famous of her acting work – Zina Ivanova in the movie “Big family”. This tape earned her, and the only major film award, prize of the Cannes film festival for ensemble cast.

From the life she left at the age of 78 years.

Operation “GALANT”

Parallel life of Larisa Kronberg, which she NikoGDS does not spread and which became known only years later because of betrayal of one of the agents of the KGB, was not an example of more rapid. When she was recruited by security agencies, hard to say. We only know that in the 1950-ies, when her beauty was in full bloom, she has worked on “the office.”

Object: Maurice Dejan, Ambassador of France in Russia. The man is very dignified and influential, a close friend of Charles de Gaulle. Member of the French Resistance.

the Goal: to make the Ambassador more accommodating in the issues of relations between France and the Soviet Union.

Medium: compromise with a “honey trap” because fifty-year-old dandy and secular lion Maurice Dejan was very susceptible to young girls. Especially for Blonds.

the Plan of operation was developed by the Lieutenant General of the KGB Oleg Gribanov. His subordinate Yuri Krotkov – the agent of the Committee, who also was the screenwriter of the film, offered to the chief as “swallows” (as in the security services called the women used as “honey” for a trap) Larisa Kronberg. The candidate was examined and approved.

one of the tricks Larissa, the Ambassador of France presented not just anybody, and Sergey Mikhalkov. Dejan was smitten and fascinated. He courted the blond beauty with the gallantry of a Frenchman, though Larissa had warned him that she has a very jealous husband. Finally, when the legitimate wife of a diplomat has left for the Alps on vacation, Dejan insisted on a secret date. It took place in the apartment allegedly belonging to Larisa Kronberg. In fact, it was one of the apartments “office”, which is stuffed with video equipment and listening devices.

In the midst of lovemaking in the bedroom broke, two members of the Committee, one of whom played the role of jealous husband of Larisa and the other portrayed his friend, the accidental witness of a scandal. They dragged the unfortunate diplomat out of bed and have him beat, bearing in mind Gribanova strict orders not to injure a person. When Maurice in fright has admitted that he is a French diplomaat, the imaginary husband rudely replied that he doesn’t care about diplomatic status and he will still submit a statement to the police – let them deal with the personal dirt of the representative of the French Embassy. Then Dejanu managed to escape from the apartment. He thought it was a miraculous escape, but in reality, his escape, of course, was also a part of the script.

that evening Diana met with Gribanov, whom he considered an Advisor to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. The unfortunate diplomat was told a good buddy about his problems. Gribanov generously promised to make a statement to the police from an angry jealous not received. But it’s Mr Dejan will have to provide the government of the USSR little favor… So the French Ambassador went to work for the KGB. This cooperation lasted for many years until the information about it came out: Yuri Krotkov defected and wrote a play, taking as a basis for her story the above story.


For Larisa Kronberg it ended quite well. She quietly worked in film and on. The KGB admired her for the ability not to talk too much. For the operation with the Ambassador Larisa was awarded a Swiss gold watch decorated with diamonds.

Maurice Dejan is also not affected. When information about his recruitment became public, he returned home and led the Society “France-the USSR”. As they say, Charles de Gaulle, learning about the scandal, just shrugged and noticed that he always suspected that Maurice is sleeping around.

most from this surgery won diplomatic relations between the USSR and France. Under the influence of Diana his country made a number of important concessions to the Soviet Union. In 1966 de Gaulle decided to withdraw France from NATO.

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