History 19/01/20 “Marquis Later”: how killed the first hero of the Soviet intelligence

George Lafaro called “the first Soviet spy”, although in spirit he was more adventurer. In the turbulent years of the Civil war, the French security officer, known under the code name “Charles”, successfully ferret out the secrets of the command of the Entente in Odessa, but in the end, failed.

“a Descendant of Athos”

George G. Lafar was born in 1894 in the family of an engineer-gunsmith of Sestroretsk. His ancestors were originally from France and came from the same famous noble family de La fere, to which, according to Alexander Dumas, belonged to one of the “three Musketeers” – Athos.

Before the revolution, George Later studied in Paris for a patternmaker (a specialist in the creation of the foundry), has worked on the Sestroretsk plant, and during the First world war worked in the office for the distribution of French arms for the Russian army. In December 1917 he offered his services to the Cheka. The young Frenchman knew 3 foreign languages (French, Italian and German) were an asset to agencies Dzerzhinsky. Immediately after becoming the Chairman of the banking sub-division of the Department for combating counter-revolution, Later participated in the investigation in the “case of Lockhart,” when the ambassadors of the Entente was accused of conspiracy against the Soviet government. Dzerzhinsky even included lafera of the Collegium of the Cheka – the Supreme body of the intelligence agencies. And in December 1918 at the initiative of Yakov Peters of Lapara sent to Odessa, where at that time ruled by the French.

the Odessa spy

At Odessa the Cheka arrived under his own name – Georges Delavar. Soon he was able to enlist in the headquarters of the invaders as the interpreter of Colonel Henry Freudenberg. Revolving in the “high society” of the Odessa society under the guise of “Marquis-writer”, Later collected information about the strategic plans of the French command. During the mission he was sent “to the center” 4 timeswednesady, of which came only 2.

According to one report of Lafare, he managed to recruit famous actress Vera Cold (which formally supported the whites and transferred the fees from concerts in favor of Denikin’s army). An interesting feature that the scout gave the actress – according to him, the silent movie star was “cute, a little childish girl, tyagotevshego glory.” Cool interested in Lafare as the object of passion of Colonel Freudenberg. Through her bed Later expected to learn military secrets. There is evidence that having become acquainted with the Freudenberg with actress, Later presented him with a bribe to the invaders left Russia (what a few months and happened).

the Death of “Charles”

the circumstances of the death of George Lafaro covered with darkness. There are several versions of what happened to him. It is believed that the counter-intelligence of the Volunteer army became interested in the “Charles” after you have caught one of the broadcasts on “the development of” Cold Faith. White understood that we are dealing with a dangerous spy, able to influence the actions of their allies. To identify a person from an environment of the actress, who owned the French language, and set a tail on him was easy. Faith itself is Cold in February, 1919 died suddenly – it is believed that she was poisoned white.

Writer Lev Nikulin argued that Geogia of Lapara not caught would be if he didn’t come to the theatre to see a performance by a belly dancer, which was carried away in Moscow. Actors, who knew the security officer, gave it to the whites.

“At this time, it is well established that the arrest of a former Secretary of the Petrograd “Cheka” in the interrogation of “impact”, – reported in the article of the newspaper “Our word”, dedicated to the “arrest of the Bolsheviks.”

Once in the dungeons of the white “ABC”, in April, 1919, George Lafar were shot or just drowned in the port. His death is vividly described in the novel of Alexey Tolstoy “the adventures of Nevzorov, or Ibikus”, where Later launched under the name “count Lambarena”. After class Odessa the Bolsheviks have raided the bottom of the port, catching drowned. However, the body of Lapara was found.

There is also a version that Denikin had taken caught a spy to Constantinople, where, probably, was executed in may 1919. Even if Lafaro managed to survive, the relationship with the Soviet secret services he never came out.

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