The best part of the web of The 5-year-old, Savannah’s Heart was in despair, when it became clear that the speelgoedaapje from her nursery school, and, having lost, during a visit to Buckingham Palace. Therefore, she wrote, with the help of her teacher, in a letter to the British Throne. And, to her surprise, she was a little monkey, after an exclusive guided tour of the palace and go back (with a friend).

Savannah, Tim (5) was the last summer vacation with her parents on a tour of Europe. The trip was made in the knuffelaapje Harriet, one of the ‘travelling’ of meters from her school in Australia. Later on, Savannah is the daughter of Harriet to share with her classmates. Unfortunately, the girl in the knuffelaapje during her visit to the palace of the queen of england.

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when we got back home was afraid of the little girl that she is, the little monkey would never see again. But there was Savannah and her classmates do their best to make the precious little monkey back home. Therefore, they wrote with their teacher, in a letter to no less a person than the Queen.