In bruges, The Geldmuntstraat, after years of legal struggles, not to re-heraangelegd to be. The city was on the court, stepped up, because they are hard, not smooth enough, and is of a lower quality than had been agreed upon. The district court gave them the right. The city council will receive more than 100,000 euros, the discount has already been carried out. “But that doesn’t mean that the back of the buses will drive by. We want to go back to smaller buses, and use it as a sort of drukkingsmiddel The Line’, says lord mayor Dirk De fauw (CD&V).

the first part of the Geldmuntstraat is not properly constructed, or for the rest of the street is just too good? The subject discussed by the city and the contractor, Aswebo for years to come. It was the city’s contractor will be in march 2015, in the absence of doubts, because it is not satisfied with the finish. “The adding of a section of the road is too wide, and the road surface is not smooth enough,” was the explanation the city council. The contractor’s saw, it is precisely the other way around, and claimed that the other end of the street, the better it was than is required. After a long legal battle, he gave the right to the city of Bruges right now. So, we get a reduction of 100,000 euros on the works carried out.