If you haven’t been to the Jewish theater ship “MS Goldberg” yet, you have to try it! The big ship is in the old town of Berlin-Spandau next to the Dischinger Bridge (this is the busy Havel crossing from the arcades over to Ikea). The readings, concerts or cinema evenings take place there in front of up to 200 people in the sheltered belly of the old industrial barge. The cultural project by Peter Sauerbaum (“from Staaken”) will stay in Spandau until the end of July and then move on. Ahoy!

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“We have made some adjustments to the schedule, unfortunately some events had to be canceled for economic and organizational reasons,” says Sauerbaum. But the program is slowly grooving: “We’ll still find the right rhythm. In the longer term, we will adjust to around 4 days of operation per week.” You can find tickets and the program here: goldberg-theaterschiff.de.

From August we will continue in Wannsee. As announced in the Tagesspiegel, during the summer holidays the Jewish theater ship moves on to the pier in the south-west cultural district between the Liebermann villa, the Kleist monument and the Wannsee S-Bahn station.

And in September the boat sails on to the Jewish Culture Days in Berlin-Mitte (“We are right next to Stäv, the government district and the Friedrichstrasse train station”). However, Spandau remains the home port of the MS Goldberg, which will return again and again. The head of culture announced it in the Tagesspiegel: You can read the whole interview here.

There was a good idea in the Spandau town hall to bring the ship even closer to the old town shore, but Stern wants the planned pier at the rose garden

There are many more construction sites in the center of Spandau, about which City Councilor Thorsten Schatz, CDU, has now spoken in the Tagesspiegel: Whether student residence, Havelcafé, bicycle ideas at the Charlottenbrücke: Here are the six large construction sites on the old town shore in Spandau in the Overview. And here I’m going to tell you the story of how the 300-million construction site “Spandauer Ufer” is progressing – it’s only 100 meters from the Kulturschiff. The project manager has now commented on the construction pit, the trees on the banks of the Havel, the demolition of the Havel cycle path and the new hotels in the Tagesspiegel: Here you can read my full story online.

And here I am listing the topics that you will find in the current issue of the Spandau newsletter. I look forward to you as a reader!

– More than 100,000 people wanted to read the text about the bathing chaos at Lake Glienicke: reactions, letters to the editor, photos, town hall ideas for the bus shuttle – and frustration in Alt-Gatow

– “The city hall congratulated my dead mother”: Newsletter reader outraged – the city council explains how the error came about

– News about the 300 million construction site: In the newsletter, the investor talks about the postal wasteland between Arcaden and Havel and the chestnut trees on the Havel cycle path

– “Zank am Gartenzaun”: Interview with an arbitrator in the newsletter about typical disputes

– AfD city council also fails for the 9th time

– Jewish theater ship “MS Goldberg” leaves Spandau and moves to…

– News from the water companies on water prices and waterworks in Spandau

– Construction site at the citadel: It starts on the earth wall

– Laying of a stumbling block for a department store family in Spandau

– Siemensbahn: Color photos are urgently needed

– Lots of neighborhood sports, lots of cultural tips

– And as the last message a happy ending from the town hall

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