Opwijk is A burning has in each of the buildings, carpentry, he added, rental company, Lemon, and a oldtimerrestaurateur in Opwijk is completely to ashes. The fire began at around 23: 30, and spread quickly over the entire site. The flames dozens of feet high from the roof. Fortunately there were no injuries.

The fire began, according to the mayor, Albert, Transparent (Open vld) at around 23: 30. With the arrival of the emergency services, that is, in the first instance, were alerted for an automatic fire alarm system, the building was fully in flames. “The Opwijkse firefighters got a quick assistance from our colleagues from the fire zone, the Flemish-Brabant, West-and East-Flanders, belgium,” says Beerens. “In a disaster or emergency, was not initiated. On the one hand, there is no asbestos is in the building, and, on the other hand, since there is no threat of a transfer to the homes and other buildings. Evacuations were not necessary.”