The Premier League and His dominance, he is now also in the marketplace, and the numbers. After you score three goals in a row in October, and some of the glansprestaties Youri Tielemans (22) and has been nominated for the award for Player of the Month in the Premier League. The hype is growing.

what Are the balance sheet, in the Tube, since the international matches against San Marino and Kazakhstan: goal against Burnley, goal and assist against Southampton, scored, and an assist against Burton on Tuesday, the Carabao’s Cup. His stats in 11 games this season, 4 goals and 3 assists in the tournament. The start of the Premier League, it was not at all convincing, but the engine runs a while and gets hot.

From the Red Devils, he brings from one day to another, due to playing in a different role and a different types of all around him. In England, they call it a bargain for 45 million euros. A midfielder who is not understood is that he is still in the Tube, and not one of the six clubs. Due to the rest of the team, the vista, be more, and his scoring ability, and a simple passjes.