In the borough of Queens is in the house, the president Trumps father, Fred, in the 1940’s, and built it again up for sale. In the house, where the young Donald, his fourth, had, in the past few years, on several occasions, a change of owner, and will be in the november auction.

The American president when He has spent his early years in the five-bedroom three-bathroom beach house at Jamaica Heights neighborhood in the New York city borough of Queens. The property has been Trumps political career in flight began to take it several times already, sold.

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Then, in July of 2016, it was announced that Trump is the Republican nominee for president, was put to the former owners of the 1.65 million u.s. dollars in the market. The house, which was at a lower price, however, is only being sold as He is in december of 2016, it is actually the president-elect would become. As a real estate agent, from Manhattan, explained to 1.25 million dollars for the property, without ever having visited.

a Few months later, in march 2017 and he was selling it for 2.14 million us dollars. It’s hard to tell who the new owner is, who is behind a company by the name of ‘Home, Birth-Home, but it would have to be a Chinese financial company to go to. That same summer and have been using AirBnB to 725 usd per night and rooms can be rented.

the President may be in this room, and to be begotten”

as of February of this year, the home is on the market for 2.9 million dollars. It was used to show that the house was filled with a Home-accoutrements, including a mansgroot of cardboard on the office. In a room that had a sign with the text that’s here, “president Donald J. Trump, is probably conceived by his parents, Fred and Mary Trump”.

Two weeks later, the house was already on the market, but it is a new auction is now scheduled for the 14th of november. The interested bidders have been right away hundreds of dollars to pay for the documents regarding the house. They have to get out there, then you have a copy of the birth certificate of He, which is black-on-white at, this is the house where he was born in Jamaica Hospital in Queens, lived there.

all The real-estate agent and the auction will say that it doesn’t matter who’s in the house and buy it. “I am confident that investors will be interested in, especially the ones that are behind the Home stand, and maybe even Trump that,” he said to the New York Times.