Wevelgem For the second time in less than three weeks has been of a City family, disaster struck. After the Degrandes had to take leave of Arthur (21), died on Tuesday of 13-year-old nephew Plays. “His heart broke”, said daddy in Him. “We had him, however, the screening, at the request of his football team.”

a Stab of a headache and had Plays Degrande last Saturday night, a few hours after the workout in 15 of his club, FC Antwerp. “It was so bad that we took him to the hospital for a reason,” says papa is Dutch. “Plays were there, and thoroughly examined, but the doctors had no immediate explanation for the headaches. It was agreed that further research was needed. Next Tuesday, there would be an MRI scan to get. In the meantime, he could no longer play football. For the time being, we hoped, for he was the fool of the play. Bike might, however, still saw the doctors, and not as a risk, since the effort is much less.”

So a lot of enthusiasm,

it’s a Tuesday afternoon, it was Emil again, well, at school this time around. “In consultation with the board, we decided that, as he got out of cycling. I drove immediately there,” says the father. “But when I arrived, I found the Plays on the ground. He did not give any sign of life.”

all The world to Him, and his wife, Stephanie, and their daughters Julie and Louise, has been destroyed. “Emil was a cream, as a guest, which was a topkerel. Always blijgemutst, excited, and ready to lend a helping hand. He was so much passion in the life, you’ll have the most time.

According to the doctors, it has to be a heart failure and Plays, which is december 14, it would be to the death. “There were, however, no warning signs,” says his father. “On the advice of the club, we have a Plays, a long time ago to let screen. The staff was friendly, no problem. There Was, however, still a risk? Whether its sports, something with which his or her death, to do this, we will probably never know about it. Or Emile himself for the death of his nephew Arthur to be hard to attracted to it? Well, that’s a possibility.”

For the family, Degrande, it is, after all, is already the second time in three weeks, and that the world is at a standstill. On the 23 of August died in Germany, the 21-year-old cousin Plays when he was with a friend of mine in his car and was staying in the car park of the football club VFB Stuttgart. Arthur Deconinck (21) from Moorsele, and It Vaernewyck (22) of Aalbeke was on a road trip and would be out the next morning back to his home. But at night, they were overwhelmed by the gasoline fumes from a leaking jerry can of reserve fuel. The bosom friends who died in their sleep.

Play with a black armband as

Well, at emiel’s compositions as well as Chiro as that of its football team, the sense of defeat is huge. “Emile has played for a very long time for us,” said coach thomas m. Waelkens. “He was a central defender and was very good in the group. they Are all comrades in arms: the use of logical, as you have been such a long time to come sjot. This is the kind of news you want to never get it. We have, immediately, the training was cancelled. Tomorrow, we meet with all the players of the U15, a psychologist, will be there, too. It’s like opening a book, and the matches this weekend starting with a moment of silence. All players will receive a black armband to wear, and most of the time, 15, for the first time, and without Emil, ready to be moved.”

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Sudden death-it affects around 1 person to 100,000