There is nothing more mysterious than the decision of the authorities on toughening or weakening of quarantine measures. When in Novosibirsk, was 1-2 cases of coronavirus in the day, authorities declared the regime of self-isolation and shut down bars/restaurants. When the number of daily cases increased to 60-70, the government extended the regime of self-isolation (but why-that have opened stores with a total area of 400 squares). When the number of infected in days of Novosibirsk increased to 100-110, the authorities why-that began to weaken the regime of self-isolation. Now open all the stores with a separate entrance, as well as IFC (the last months of multifunctional centers worked remotely, and on June 25 their doors again open to all comers). However, the behavior of local residents also defies logic: while the city quarantined, but in hospitals people die, the city’s residents are satisfied with noisy parties in different areas. We tried to imagine how would look the correspondence of the authorities, businessmen and ordinary people.