Ghent, at the Beginning of december, open Fedasil, the Moved back to. That pontoon was already at the Rigakaai in Ghent, and is now returning to the asylum seekers are temporarily housed.

Fedasil has the extra capacity needed for all the new comers in a position to be able to offer you. Therefore, the open Fedasil this fall, a temporary reception center for asylum seekers in belgium. During the asielcrisis of 2015 in the Reno, nevada, for the first time, the use of it. There was a lot of resistance, but in fact, the asielcentrum then never get any problems taken care of.

The Reno, nevada, had once been a gevangenisboot in the Netherlands, but it turned out to be perfect and to function as a ‘refuge’. There is also room for 250 people. Unlike last time, when the city was in a consortium with the G4 apart, it will be Fedasil is now himself responsible for the operation of the boat concerned. There is a team of experienced it staff members are sent to Ghent, in order to a lot of new challenges on which to train.

The Reno, nevada, is an open shelter with more than just a bed and food. There will be medical and social assistance to be provided, as long as the application is running. The city itself lay 727.000 euro on the table, in order to provide additional support, with the coördiatoren, psychologists, and organizations that help newcomers to assist you. There will also be re-used on volunteer work, people who are new comers in tow, who will want to take. Also, the last time I went to Ghent, the civil society is actively involved in the issue of asylum seekers, it was a project that was started in order to get them to learn to ride a bike.

The boat this time for 2 years. It has been, and continues to be a temporary system. In the last asielcirsis, and after a year, is quite abrupt at the end of the project, as well as Reno. Well, that came as a protest, as residents, suddenly to all points of all moves, while their children are here in school in the future.

On the 4th of november, a infomoment all over the Reno, nevada, informed on and the local residents. One of them is quite what is asked for. They were given a 2-month period of time, and the Reno project, as well as the Roma project is on the Afrikalaan in.