The car is The first all-electric, and Volvo, an XC40 in september 2020, on the belt rollers, in the city of Ghent. Has There been heard by the CEO, Stefan Fesser, Volvo Car Gent, belgium.Due to the success of the traditional XC40 grew up in the factory, the largest industrial employer in East Flanders, with about 6.600 employees. Thanks to the car Fesser who are in employment in the coming years, and “stable”.

Today at a press event in Los Angeles, the first all-electric XC40 will be launched, with a car parked in front of the global market (excluding China) is in Ghent is to be built. “With this model, we give the kick-off of the electrification of the Volvo group,” says managing director Stefan Fesser, Volvo Car Gent, belgium. “I am very proud to announce that I and my team can do it.”

See also the Ghent-based Volvo, will from now on take the train to China “will Follow the old silk road trader for many centuries, trade has been driven Transformation

The construction of a hybrid vehicle, it is a “huge transformation” for the Ghent-based manufacturer, ” says Fesser. So it was that at the entrance to the Ghent-based production unit with a completely new battery factory built. But above all, in the assembly of the new model of major changes.”It begins, for example, in the lasfabriek, because the chassis is completely different,” explains Fesser off. “Previously, you had to have a fuel tank and a ontploffingsmotor. It has an electric motor powered by a battery pack.”

for Both the workers, staff and management will follow an intensive training on the hazards associated with high voltages, heavy batteries. A total number of around 2,000 working days.


the Ghent-based site for the Portuguese-Chinese management, has been selected for the transformation to begin, it is according to the Fesser is not a coincidence. “The knowledge of the staff, their passion and the willingness to be open to new technology, were the decisive factor, what it sounds like.

by the summer of 2020, it will be the testproductie of the XC40 to be around. In september 2020, it will be the first car to be designed for consumers on the tape reel. In a move that security needs to meet the 6.600 employees of Volvo Car Gent. “Of course I have no crystal ball,” says Fesser, “but to prepare ourselves for the power and the battery is here to build, we are able to employment stabilization.”