Boxing is “The unjustified defeat against Katie Taylor has been consumed, I’m ready for some new challenges.” Delfine Persoon (34), which has been eager, and has announced that she is on the 11th of november, boxes at the 30-year-old Nigerian, Helen Joseph, in a lower weight class super featherweights’.

The goal of the Person is apparent: now also the number 1 in that category. The hospital at Joseph’s is on the 11th of november and will take place at the Versluys-Dome, the home of the basketball Building.

as a Person, it is the first camp since the match against Katie Taylor. That she lost on points after a dubious decision by the judges. “That is unjust to defeat it is to digest. I am looking for a new challenge,” says a news conference in Ostend, belgium. “Taylor has been in the press, on the saw a rematch, but if you really want to, then please contact us and talk to us. I don’t think that this is the case, it will come out.”

the Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 at the door, rice also is the question of whether a Person would be taking part in the Olympic Games. “Here, I say, no no, to the contrary. If I get a chance, I might as well grab it,” said the Person. “You know, I have to once more talk to the COIB (Belgian Olympic and inter-federal Committee of, ed.). One of them, I got not a single euro of subsidy. If I have to go to the selectietoernooi’m in London, I would stay have to pay for it. Even though the honour is, of course, is also important. The olympic champion would be awesome… But if I’m going to do, I do it in my own way.”