The first battle of the Afghan war: how it killed Soviet soldiers

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the starting Date of participation of Soviet troops in the armed conflict in Afghanistan is December 25, 1979. On this day, on the territory of the Central Asian republics were deployed reconnaissance battalion and units of the airborne forces, and the first battle with the Afghans the Soviet soldiers occurred on 9 January 1980.

the Uprising in the province of Baghlan

In early January 1980, the 4th artillery regiment of the Afghan army mutinied. Under control not subject to the government soldiers were the town of Nahrin in Baghlan province. In the course of the uprising were captured and executed Soviet citizens – Colonel Kulmurzin, major Zdorovenko and translator Gaziyev.

At the request of the Afghan leadership and to rescue possible survivors advisers, commanders of separate contingent of Soviet troops received orders to regain control of Norina and disarm rebel soldiers. January 7, commander of the 186th infantry Vyborg regiment Colonel Oleg Smirnov advising comes the message from headquarters and the division is advancing towards the enemy.

plan command motorized infantry was to attack on Sochi from the North and West. After the capture of the village was to take the outskirts of the military base and disarm it blocked the rebels.

the Difficult Afghan conditions

January 9 motorized rifle regiment came out of their barracks and the two columns went to the rebellious Nahinu. However, the path to the goal itself was a serious military operation. After four kilometers, one of the columns of Soviet troops faced the riders, the number of up to 100 people. Afghans blocked the path of the soldiers, but were scattered, their new support helicopters.

the Second column an hour after the start of the operation came to town Isakchi. Here, Soviet soldiers were attacked by the rebels, numericalawn up to 150 people, which had armed with guns. After the attack, the tank platoon, supported by helicopters, the Afghans retreated into the mountains, losing two guns and 50 men killed.

a few hours pass Shahjalal infantry waited for an ambush from two mountain guns and hundreds of Afghans. After a brief battle 15 rebels have been killed, and the rubble of stones that prevent the passage on the road removed. On each pass, and in all settlements the Russians met fierce resistance. The Afghans attacked the column and arranged rock piles, the height of which reaches up to 3 meters.

the Assault on the city of Nahrin

the Evening of 9 January, the first part of a motorized infantry regiment came to Nahrin, where they blocked roads and blockaded military camp. January 10 Marines without leaving the BMP, and with the support of helicopters attacked the barracks. On reaching the building, the soldiers left the car and disarmed the Afghans.

as a result of military operations, namely in the period of the Afghan war called war of any scale, Soviet troops lost in killed 2 guys, as many were wounded. One BMP fell off a cliff during movement. From the Afghan side were 100 killed. After the end of fighting among the local population seized all the weapons, detained the commander of the rebellious regiment and found the burial place of dead Soviet advisors.

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