In the council chamber of the district court in the Dutch Assen today, given that two of the suspects in the case, Ruinerwold longer in pre-trial detention should continue, in accordance with the request of the Public Prosecutor’s office. It’s going to be the 67-year-old, and Gerrit-Jan van D., the 58-year-old Joseph B., of The court that maintains the constraints, so that the two only have contact with their lawyers.

The duo is sticking to the suspicion of unlawful deprivation of liberty, to the detriment of the health of others (physical abuse), and money laundering. Of D. it is true for now, as the father of six young adults who had withdrawn, living in a farmhouse in the village of Ruinerwold. It wants to be, on the basis of a DNA test to determine if the company is actually family to each other. Joseph B. was the lessee of the farm.

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The family lived for years in solitary confinement. Mid-October, and the case is starting to roll in after the 25-year-old son a couple of times and had turned up at a village pub in Ruinerwold. When he tell his story to the barman switched on the police department.

in order To have a more complete picture of the situation, the court in the afternoon, take a look at the rooms in the farmhouse, where two weeks ago, D. and five presumed children have been found. The judges came up about half-past four in the building.