As a father, along with his girlfriend and son no mobile phone coverage came to be sitting on top of a waterfall in California, there was soon a state of panic. Who would be able to find it? If so, how could they be in hell of surviving? Thanks to a message in a bottle, as shown.

Curtis Whitson was this summer, along with his girlfriend, and his 13-year-old son to enjoy an exciting trip in California, when when when when the the trio on June 15, suddenly, a shell came in to sit at the top of an uninsulated wall. Curtis is worried that he and his family, for the dead had been taken, so how about now with the frightening incident in The Washington Post.

See also the He is fifty feet down in the canyon: “It’s a miracle that I’m alive” please HELP

it’s The only option for an escape and had a plan and that Curtis had never dared to dream that it really works. He rapidly became an EMERGENCY, the message boils down to the old rekeningetje and put in a green plastic bottle, which he will “HELP” carved. And then he threw the thing into the swirling waters to go down.

by Coincidence, saw a few hikers and downstream, and not too long after the bottle drive, and they took it out of the water. Then, when the piece of paper out of the bottle, prulden, they read the words: “HELP, WE’re UP TO THE WATERFALL to GET a PLEASE HELP.” Also, the date of which the day we vermeld.De verbouwereerde the walkers hurried back to the campsite, where the emergency services are able to alert. It was only a matter of hours for a zoekteam for the mission on its feet before.

Rope is broken

It all went wrong when the maintenance man Curtis, the son of a Hunter and partner, Krystal, on the foot with the river and the Arroyo Seco. As an intense trek to get them on the top of a waterfall that took the time, they had thought that there would be a rope, it would have to have walkers to assist with the treacherous descent. It was as a matter of fact, the case. But the rope was broken.

Suddenly, they were stuck. Is not a safe route down the gorge, where they had gone to, to get it back up was not an option. Their phones had no reception.

This is the top level of the search-and-rescue. You have found it. Stay where you are and we’ll come early to-morrow morning, back to you.


“It was a little bit scary,” says the son of a Hunter – to put it mildly. “We’ve none of us had seen during the whole trip.”

And when it came to his father with the desperate flessentrucje. “All we can do is wait.”, said, dear father. Ultimately, did they not have to wait too long. Several anxious hours, that was for sure. But around midnight, it was suddenly a helikoper right on top of their heads, and the cry was heard, there was a voice from the speaker. “This is a search-and-rescue. and Ubent was found. Stay where you are and we’ll come early to-morrow morning, back to you.”

The helikopterteam was the stranded family, in the dark, to be able to locate, thanks to infrared technology, but it was required for the actual rescue operation. The next morning, and arrived, as promised, a new helikopercrew to the three-gelukzakken to pick up.


“It’s just amazing how it’s all perfectly came together,” says Curtis Whitson of The new york times. “What are the chances?”

Also in California Highway Patrol , that is, the salvation from the sky and organized, they can be with their head, not one of them. “We have never seen someone with a life-threatening situation were saved after we were alerted by a message in a bottle”, what it sounds like. “A lot of the pieces were falling nicely together for these people,” says pilot Joe Kingman is increasing.