International football’s Fernando Ricksen is now a 43-year-old age-death. The ex-footballer suffered with since the year 2013 of the the disease AS. Ricksen began his career with Fortuna Sittard, and played for AZ, Glasgow Rangers, Zenit St. Petersburg, and another of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. He went twelve times to Orange.

Ricksen spent the last few months of his life in Scotland, from where he was lying in a bed, and it was taken care of in a specialized institution. There, he found, after he was one of the most benefietavonden who are fans of the Rangers for him as arranged, and was passed out. When the Rangers grew to Ricksen after his active career, to become an icon.

all The football player was the fact that, IF suffering is not a common method. The editors of The World as is know, in 2013, after all, is not that Ricksen, who, that night, his life might present, it is difficult are the words that came out. It is because of the muscle disease ALS, a disease that leads to paralysis of the respiratory muscles. Ricksen was on the end of his life, only to communicate through a voice synthesizer.

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Actually, it was Ricksen ever since that day in 2013 is doing a farewell tour around all the places in the world of football, which he loved. Also, in order for the disease on the map, so he wanted to get that out. It appeared in magazines, websites, and documentaries have been made.

Great, several times, and the staff at the Rangers, the club where he was the longest-playing. Each time, there were chance encounters with celebrities. To Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Johan Cruyff to. Ricksen was always combative and said this about his health: “Once someone is the first to have this terrible disease, defeat, and survive. Let me be that person, but to be.” That is, he was far from it.

Thomas, of Buffalo, who, with Ricksen samenspeelde in the Rangers ‘ reaction to Instagram, on the death of his ex-team-mate. “RIP to the Captain. I will always remember you as a very charismatic leader, and a friend who helped in the integration of the it was during my stay in the city of Glasgow. I will have the great time that we are on and off the field with each other and would never forget it.”