Asse (belgium) – After more than 30 years later, the curtain on The Latest News in Kobbegem. Tonight’s record of the last employees to leave of the well-known building, along with the Date. An important day. “We can leave memories behind, but, moving on to Antwerp, and is a logical next step,” says editor-in-chief, Frank Depoorter.

get The most of the services of the S Media, the parent company of The News, were moved earlier this month to Antwerp, belgium. Tonight, word has it that the editors of The News, and the last ones who are still alive in Kobbegem, the site in your browser. The move is, according to the CEO, Kris Vervaet is necessary, because the media group is now also established in the Netherlands. “We would like to have more, and more, as a group, to work together,” says Vervaet. “Our new headquarters in Antwerp, is located right next to the train station. By train, we are soon in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the netherlands. In addition, we wanted to make the integration of the editorial staff, a new building for the VTM News. And we also have to take into account the mobility of today’s. Great talent makes it easier for you to attract your close to the public transport system there.”

Emile Jacqmainlaan

” the Latest News is the move will be an emotional moment, because they were the only one editing it. The publishing house Host, the name of the BATCH Media, and moved the printing of all The Latest News, in 1984, to the Kobbegem, because it is in the boulevard E. jacqmain in Brussels, belgium, the original headquarters of the newspaper are no options for expansion were available. The print quality in Kobbegem was so good that the editor, in 1989, decided to make a second press to install them. A short time later they moved to the editorial board of Brussels to Kobbegem.

“The move by Brussels to the Flemish region had at the time, is the right choice for this site was very easy to find,” says editor-in-chief, Frank Depoorter. “In our newspaper, and had here a great time. It is here, in Kobbegem, that The Latest News has grown into the most widely read newspaper in the country. It does something to a man to do all of this can be found here. In this place are great friends. And after work, there was regularly a glass of drink on the Market in the town of Asse.”

“It is with a lot of regrets in the heart, here we go”, said the editor-in-chief. “But it makes so much sense it used to be, in order to Kobbegem to move, so it makes sense today, even to go to Antwerp, to withdraw it. We have a beautiful new building in a thriving metropolis.”