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seven years have Passed since then, as American authorities announced the elimination of the terrorist number one, however, disputes about this event do not cease. Leaves a lot of questions and the method of burial of bin Laden.

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on 2 may 2011 in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad in the second hour of the night local time, us special forces had killed Osama bin Laden. It the US government was accused of organizing the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York.

the story of the elimination of the terrorist in the statement of American officials is very convoluted. A published them facts clearly contradict each other. No exception and details of the burial of the main enemy of America.

According to the Pentagon, bin Laden’s body was delivered to the nearest to the elimination of the naval base of the United States, where he was taken, his DNA samples. And then from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan) on the helicopter body, the fighter was flown to the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”, stationed in the Arabian sea. Preparations for burial at sea, according to U.S. intelligence officials, began on 3 may at 01:10 local time and ended at 02:00. There were several snapshots of the victim. American soldier read prepared prayers, which were translated into Arabic. Then the body of the deceased is washed, wrapped in a white shroud and placed in a bag. The corpse was placed on a slightly inclined Board, and he quickly moved down the waters of the Arabian sea. The ceremony, according to eyewitnesses, lasted less than an hour.

In the correspondence between the American agencies, which was published by WikiLeaks service, it was emphasized that at the funeral of bin Laden was not a single private. About how was buried the head of “al-Qaeda”*, known only to a few officers.

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After the funeral AMERican authorities said that the decision not to betray bin Laden to the earth, and buried in the sea is due only to the intent to prevent his grave became a place of pilgrimage. About the Barack Obama explained the decision not to publish photos of the dead terrorist. “It was done for reasons of national security, as the pictures could be used as a propaganda tool,” – said the President. Some media speculated that the military feared attempts to steal the body of bin Laden in this respect, the sea was the most reliable shelter.

However, American special forces under the pseudonym mark Owen, stated that the body of the former head “al-Qaeda”* was immediately sent to a military base for examination by experts and at sea, it is buried and was not. American journalist Seymour Hersh conducted its own investigation of the killing of Osama bin Laden and made a number of interesting conclusions. According to him, buried at sea, as allegedly demanded Muslim custom, just a re-enactment. It was invented after it became clear that to explain the death of a terrorist by a drone attack will not succeed. As proof of his version of Hersh cited the testimony of one of the seals, whereby the head of a terrorist “with several bullet holes” and “certain body parts” put in a bag and thrown out of a helicopter in the Hindu Kush mountains.

WikiLeaks, citing letters from employees of the private intelligence analysis company Stratfor, also claimed that the official version of the burial of Osama bin Laden “may not correspond to reality.”

Some sources with reference to hackers obtained the documents expressed the opinion that the body of bin Laden was not thrown into the sea, but straight brought in the United States. Interesting point. Immediately after Obama announced the killing of the leader of “al-Qaeda”*, Vice-President of Stratfor Fred Burton wrote to the head of the company George Friedman: “According to my information, the body we have. Thank God!” In another published message Burton points out that “the body of the slain terrorist was taken on Board aircraft of the CIA, who must forward it to the Institute of pathology of the Armed forces of the United States located in the state of Maryland”.
American news channel Fox News, based on its sources, claimed that the body of bin Laden for some time, was under guard at an American military base in Afghanistan, and then could be buried in Saudi Arabia.

One of the largest international agencies Associated Press to clarify the situation with the funeral of bin Laden, sent a request to the Ministry of defense. In response, the Pentagon announced that it can not find photos or video of the ceremony. Military officials also said that do not have data on the autopsy or DNA test of bin Laden, as well as any other documents describing the burial of a terrorist.

*(al-Qaida) – a banned organisation in Russia

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