Floor, After an accident with a freight train, and a vastgereden venture between the Ash and the Floor of a drive, it re-trains on the line, Antwerpen-Essen, germany. It reports its mission. There are, however, still gevolgsvertragingen. The four occupants of the Croatian origin, could be saved for the freight of the car, aanreed. They tried to flee the scene before the police.

from A car with on-board four-Country (39, 48, 39, and 28), and drove about 2 hours last night on a dvd. Just the change in its mission for a few days to work with the new cables to lay. The workers removed the four occupants from the car. This did not happen by itself. The Croat, the driver refused out of the car. He tried to give his vehicle back on the road to get it. The car, however with its wheels stuck between the rails.

See also the Railway Hasselt-Tongeren, be disturbed by the work, in Bilzen

The Country had just got out of the car, freed, when, in the distance, a freight train was hit by a car. The stay of its mission and tried for the train to stop, but the effort came too late. The freight train was riding in the car. In this case, the first priority for the four men to be free,” says Frederic Petit, spokesman for Infrabel.

According to the Antwerp public prosecutor came in with four men in a coffee shop / café. She had been drinking, and the 39-year-old driver was light, geïntoxiceerd behind the wheel. Had the driver not realize that he is in a sloping hand was near, and he rode straight on, leaving the car on the track vastreed. On the road are signs warning cyclists that they need to watch out for the “schuinliggende track it down.” Regularly get cyclists on the move to the fall, when they get caught in the tracks.

President of the Year by the Antwerp public prosecutor: “Once you have been rescued from the car were the four mannenwegvluchten. A foot patrol of the police force Boundary, and the North could be in the four to stop it. Against the men, it is, however, a report is due to the resistance produced.”


At the time of the car, and the handle cranked up, it was open. “The deal has a normal job,” said Petit, who is a classic case of irresponsible behaviour”.

The hit line with the classic railway line in the Netherlands. The high-speed rail ride through the other line back to the Netherlands.

The hand remained up until 6 o’clock in the morning to close. Only after 8 hours and was able to back the trains to pass through.

The four-Country, were administratively detained. They were in a police cell sobering up. The driver can be a big take into account of Infrabel, and the RAILWAY come to expect. Well, the damage on the freight train and the track, as the nuisance caused by the removed trains in the drunken Country recover.