The doctors confirmed coronavirus singer Lev Leshchenko

Chief physician of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko confirmed tested positive for the coronavirus, the people’s artist Lev Leshenko. A few days ago the singer together with his wife Irina was hospitalized for examination. The evening of 25 March, it was reported that a woman was transferred from therapy in the intensive care unit. It is known that on March 12, the singer returned from a tour in USA and Canada and all these days was in isolation.

— the Speculation of some media outlets on the topic of the health of Lev Leschenko made me this morning to ask his formal permission to publish this post — Protsenko wrote on his page in Facebook. — L. V. came to our hospital with the clinical and radiological picture of community-acquired pneumonia. After further examination was confirmed coronavirus etiology of pneumonia. In the first days after admission the patient’s condition worsened, increased shortness of breath and decreased indicators of blood oxygenation. In this regard, we continued treatment in the intensive care unit. To date, the patient’s condition is stable and he does not need additional oxygen and we plan to continue his treatment in the hospital Department.