The death of Vera Cold: who poisoned the first star of Russian cinema

History 23/02/20 Death of Vera Cold: who poisoned the first star of Russian cinema

Actress Vera Cold, or, as it is often called the Queen of silent movies, has died at the age of 25. Neither then nor now, many can’t believe that Cold died a natural death. According to one version, the actress was poisoned by the scent of white lilies, she sent the French captain Emil Enno.

Cool name

nee Vera bore the name Levchenko. She was born in the Ukraine in Poltava city. 2 years after the birth of their daughter, her parents decided to move to Moscow. Soon the family had two more daughters. In Moscow, Vera was fond of dancing, and she was sent to ballet school, which, however, she has not graduated.

Barely graduated from high school, Vera met with the lawyer Vladimir Cold. It was under this name she soon becomes a famous actress. Every movie with her participation were collected at cinemas sold out. Her pictures were printed on postcards. Her manners and clothing, including hats, copy all of the girls. Men send her armfuls of flowers.


Suddenly, at the peak of this crazy popular Belief Cold suddenly dies. This happened in the winter of 1919 in Odessa. Evening in February the actress after the performance, headed to the hotel. Along the way the sled turned over, and the Cold turned to snow. The next day she was already lying in bed. At first everybody thought that Vera just had a cold. However, the disease has receded, and in the end the doctor diagnosed her – Spanish. 16 Feb 1919-Vera Kholodnaya died.

the Death of 25-year-old woman actually wasn’t something unusual. In 1918-1919 around the world raging epidemic of Spanish influenza (or Spanish flu). Then from this disease affected, it is estimated that about 30% of the population of the entire planet. The disease is easily killed even the toughest and young people. IN THE RSFSR the incidence of Spanish began to decline only in the summer of 1919. In these circumstances the death of Vera Cold is not something out of the ordinary.

White lilies

But so thought not all. To doubt the naturalness of death of the actress made many some of the actions taken immediately after her death in a strange hurry. First, Cold funeral immediately after the death, the night. Secondly, the autopsy did not, and the body immediately embalmed and carried, also by night. In addition, the husband of actress Vladimir Cold soon after her death was arrested and shot. That is why the people and rumors that Vera Vasilyevna was killed.

One of the most popular version is still the version associated with white lilies, which allegedly sent the actress Emil Enno. The French Consul, who was in Odessa in those years, was in love with Faith’s Cold. But the popularity of the actress and her many fans would not let him rest. Guided by the feeling of jealousy, Enno poisoned flowers and sent them to his sweetheart. From the poisonous scent of lilies Cold, and died.

But even among supporters of this history, there is another opinion that Enno has eliminated Cold not jealous, but for political reasons.

Other versions

in Addition to poisonous lilies there are many other scenarios. Some believe that the Cold strangled another lover – General Grishin, who at the time headed the Odessa and also suffered from jealousy. Assume also that the actress became a victim of politics. Some claim that it was shot by the Bolsheviks, others that are white. There is a version that the Cold killed ordinary robbers, who in those years also actively wielded, not only in Odessa. There were rumors that the body of Vera Kholodnaya did not found, and therefore was put in a coffin with another girl or even a doll.

anyway, any, even the most incredible assumption has the right to life. Moreover neither confirm nor deny any one of them is now impossible. Grave of Vera Kholodnaya was not preserved. The body of the actress was resting in one of the chapels of Odessa, which in the 1930-ies was demolished by the Bolsheviks.

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