The death of the Admiral Makarov: major loss of Russia in the Russo-Japanese war

History 15/02/20 the Death of the Admiral Makarov: major loss of Russia in the Russo-Japanese war

on the Morning of 31 March, 1904, the battleship “Petropavlovsk” sailed from Port-Arthur, along with five other ships to destroy the Japanese. Forcing the enemy fleet to retreat, battleship after the maneuver launched a new attack, but on the way stumbled upon a mine. The explosion of the flagship warship went to the bottom. Killed the commander of the Pacific squadron of Admiral Stepan Makarov, a famous painter Vasily Vereshchagin and, according to historians, up to 670 sailors and officers.

the loss of the battleship

the Idea of installing minefields at the exit of the Harbor of Port Arthur belonged to the future Marshal of the fleet of the Japanese Empire That Heihachiro. During the Russo-Japanese war he commanded the Combined fleet of the rising sun.

Directly the death of “Petropavlovsk” was preceded by another tragic event. One of the groups of Japanese destroyers escorting minelayer “Koryu Maru” collided with the destroyer “Terrible.” The result of the ensuing battle Russian ship was torpedoed and sunk.

This event was made Vice-Admiral Makarov to bring to sea the battleships “Poltava” and “Petropavlovsk”, along with four cruisers. The main mistake of the commander were haste – water area was not cleared. “Petropavlovsk” has overtaken the Japanese cruisers and opened fire on them, but when the enemy reinforcements arrived, the Russian battleship receded. About Port Arthur to the “Petropavlovsk” was joined by two battleships, and Makarov again led them into battle.

“Petropavlovsk” stumbled on a mine at 9.43. The explosion occurred in the bow of the ship where the artillery cellar. Detonated ammunition, followed by on Board collapsed fore-mast, one of the gun turrets, covers of the pipe. A minute later the bow of the ship went under water. Another explosion rang in the boiler room, literally tore “Petropaflows” into two parts, which quickly sank.

some people managed to escape – they were picked up by boats from other Russian ships. Among the eighty that survived was the Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, who, after the revolution, in exile, proclaimed himself Emperor of all the Russias.

the Defender of Port Arthur

who Died on Board the “Petropavlovsk” Admiral Stepan Makarov left a memory of the gallant defender of Port Arthur, although the defense of the city he was actually in charge 24 days, from 7 to March 31, 1904.

Assignment in the besieged city for him was actually the first experience in command of the fleet. However, Makarov had a huge sea practical experience, he was captain of many ships. And in the years 1894-95, he commanded the Russian squadron making the transition from the Mediterranean to the Pacific ocean.

as commander of the Pacific squadron Makarov managed to carry out several important activities. On his initiative, all the guns of the FORTS were connected with the headquarters of the wired connection. Was adjusted periodic access to the sea for the crews of the ships. For the month of 6 squadron conducted combat operations against the Japanese in the Yellow sea.

According to historians, Makarova has summed up the tendency to unnecessary risk. He personally commanded warships during the battle, trying to mix it up with staff work. The personal courage of the Admiral admired by the rank and file sailors and raised their morale. However, Makarov admitted because of physical and mental overexertion strategic error not only led him to death, but also contributed to the defeat in the Russo-Japanese war.

the End of the artist

In a letter to his son, sent shortly before his death, Admiral Makarov complained that vaguely feels that Russian “who bothers”. To understand the mystical experiences he was helped by the famous artist Vasily Vereshchagin.

In Port Arthur, the battle scenes were on their own. His last journey the year before the death he made it to Japan. The artist got there in August, 1903 years, managed to do 20 sketches. But in connection with deterioration Russian-Japanese relations in November 1903 Vereshchagin was forced to sail from the land of the rising sun on the last civilian ship. After a short stay in European part of Russia, Vereshchagin went to the far East, as soon as I heard about the beginning of the war, obtained the permission of the military authorities.

it is Worth noting that Vereshchagin was pessimistic about the prospects of Russian in the Pacific. Having been in Japan, he was confident that the Japanese will break the Russian army. Presentiments had not deceived the painter.

In many respects a fateful role in the outcome of the war was played by the death of the “Petropavlovsk” and the death of Admiral Makarov. The new command of the defense of Port Arthur was not set to the proper height, and the Russian fleet in the Pacific suffered a series of severe defeats.

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