The death of pathologist and diary of a Siberian man who lost his family: a chronicle of coronavirus during the day

On June 7 in the Novosibirsk region recorded 105 cases of coronavirus infection. 13 patients were discharged.

Adult patients with an established diagnosis COVID-19 and with the suspicion on him in the infectious disease hospitals of Novosibirsk, 1571.

What else happened in the city during the day?

June 7 oberstab region reported one death from the coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region. A woman died, she was 69 years;
Novosibirsk Ruslan Kosolapov lost because of two coronavirus loved ones — father and grandfather. But COVID-19 was specified in the certificate of cause of death only his grandfather, but according to the Siberian, a dangerous virus found and his father. When it became clear, what evil has touched their families, Ruslan started keeping a documentary diary. With the permission of Novosibirsk, we publish fully his records. Be sure to read this great text to the end;
in recent days, Russia has confirmed once 8984 cases of coronavirus, 5343 person discharged, 134 died, such data is divided into Federal operational headquarters;
Natalia Odegova entrepreneur and founder of an online company From the beginning of the pandemic, she and her friend-it specialist organized the project for the procurement of respirators for Novosibirsk ambulance workers. At some point they provided the masks to all workers in the ambulance for a few weeks in advance. But it so happened that Natalia herself had contracted the coronavirus and twice placed in quarantine. As it turned out — published author’s column;
Novosibirsk died the pathologist of the medical unit No. 25, on the basis of the coronavirus which is deployed hospital — physician contracted COVID-19. We spoke with relatives of 49-year-old pathologist. They said that he complained during the treatment;
the Federal air transport Agency plans to contact the CPS with a proposal to resume flights abroad. The first time the air travel will only be supported with 15 countries.